The KaW Questing Guide

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  1. The KaW Questing Guide

    Welcome to the KaW Questing Guide. This is a guide to help you learn all the best questing strategies and builds. This is my first post above 3000 so I hope it will be memorable. Have fun- Dillybar.


    Table of Contents

    1. Quest Names/Numbers
    2. Quest Mastery
    3. Questing Builds
    4. Random Rewards
    5. Questing for Rewards
    6. Questing for Gold
    7. Achievements
    8. Places to Look
    9. Conclusion


    Quest Names/Numbers

    Quests are often referred to as numbers, even within this guide. This will just take the number and change it into a name if it's easier for you.

    1- Excavate
    2- The Search for Treasure
    3- To Catch a Thief
    4- Attack Bandits
    5- Escort Convoy
    6- Unwelcome Guests
    7- Royal Protection
    8- Preventative Measures
    9- Destroy Trade Route
    10- Protect Your Land
    11- Held for Ransom
    12- Sabotage
    13- To the Rescue
    14- Attack Convoy
    15- Intruders
    16- Rescue the Princess
    17- Protect the Convoy
    18- Fighting Back
    19- Mind Tricks
    20- For Revenge
    21- Deliver to Safety
    22- Spill their Blood
    23- The Hunted
    24- Battle at Valhalla
    25- Stealing Business
    26- Under the Bridge
    27- Theft
    28- Seek and Destroy
    29- Raiding Mission
    30- Hunting Sorcerers
    31- Held for Ransom
    32- Fighting Giants
    33- Preemptive Strike
    34- Hunting Season
    35- Pirate Defense 
    36- Stealing Gold
    37- No Fly Zone
    38- Disruption
    39- For the Love of the Hunt
    40- Vengeance
    41- Stealing from a Thief
    42- Pillage and Plunder
    43- Escort Convoy
    44- Preemptive Strike
    45- Guard Duty
    46- A Cold Spell
    47- Stealing from a Thief
    48- Icy Structures
    49- Sabotage
    50- Melting Point
    51- Revenge
    52- Invading Forces
    53- Push them Back
    54- Escort Convoy
    55- Voice in the Dark
    56- Icy Grip
    57- Gates of Hell
    58- Facing the Storm
    59- Living Dead
    60- Disruption
    61- The Darkness
    62- Push them Back
    63- Evil Temples
    64- The Edge of Winter
    65- Rescue Mission
    66- Army of the Damned
    67- Free from Evil
    68- Kill them all!
    69- Enemy's Gate

    No, this is not a typo. Quest 44 and 33 have the same name (Preemptive Strike), Quest 12 and 49 have the same name (Sabotage), Quests 5, 53, and 54 all have the same name (Escort Convoy), And finally, quest 41 and 47 have the same name (Stealing From A Thief)


    Quest  Mastery

    Quest Mastery occurs when the % bar in a quest reaches 100%. This means that this quest is "mastered". Certain quests will give rewards for this. The quest numbers and names that give rewards are written here along with the health crystals they give (gold is unknown)

    1- Excavate- 5k
    2- The Search for Treasure- 13k
    5- Escort Convoy - Level 1 Achievement
    10- Protect your Land- Level 2 Achievement 
    13- To the Rescue- 211.2k, 2 Crystals
    16- Rescue the Princess- 272k, 2 Crystals
    20- For Revenge- 480k, 2 Crystals
    24- Battle at Valhalla- 368k, 2 Crystals
    25- Stealing Business- Level 3 Achievement
    27- Theft- 844.8k, 2 Crystals
    29- Raiding Mission- 1.4m, 3 Crystals
    32- Fighting Giants- 2m, 3 Crystals
    35- Pirate Defense- Unknown Money, 3 Crystals 
    37- No Fly Zone- 20m
    50- Melting Point- Level 4 Achievement
    56- Icy Grip- 30m, 5 Crystals
    59- Living Dead- 17m
    61- The Darkness- 20m 
    69- Enemy's Gate- 500m, 10 Crystals, Level 5 Achievement


    Questing Builds

    There are really two main builds used for questing. Each has it's advantages and disadvantages. The builds are called the War Aviary Build and the Summoning Circle Build.

    War Aviary Build

    The War Aviary Build consists of 24 War Aviaries/Beastiaries. The war aviary build's main advantage is its troops. Instead of the normal 48,000 troops allowed, you get 50,400 troops, allowing for that extra quest. However, you regenerate 144 troops less per regeneration then a pure summoning circle build.

    Summoning Circle Build

    The Pure Summoning Circle Build consists of 24 Summoning Circles/War Cathedrals. The Summoning Circle Build's main advantage is it's high defense. This prevents almost anyone from successfully attacking you when you have high troops. One of the downsides of this build is the fact that you get 2,400 less troops then a War Aviary Build.


    Random Rewards

    Questing can drop random rewards if you succeed in one. You can get a Health Crystal, a Nobility Point, or a Speaker. These items are yours to keep after you get them and you may use them as you wish.

    The drop chances are following:

    Nobility: 2%
    Health Crystal: Unknown

    If you know the drop rate for the health crystal, please wall me or contact me via pal and I'll be happy to give you credit for it.


    Questing for Rewards

    If your farms are pinned, you need to self pin quick, or just want some free stuff, you should always quest for rewards. To do this you simply do either the easiest quest, or do the easy quest with the highest reward. This will ensure you use a small amount of troops and have a large chance of success.


    Questing for Gold

    If you're trying to make some quick gold, or depend on questing for a living, you're questing for gold. The smartest thing to do is simply do the highest reward difficult or very difficult quest. However, notice that the difficult reward is severely lower then then very difficult reward.

    It's also a good idea to keep your troops high and to quest only once or twice, regenerate, quest once or twice. This will help you succeed more often and get more gold.



    Achievements are a little part of KaW, which the developers have stated, will have bonuses in the future. For this reason, you may want to start on them soon. There is a quest mastery achievement, and after mastering enough quests, you receive the achievement shield. The following are the amounts of quests mastered that you need to get each level of the achievement.

    Quest Mastery- Gotten by mastering quests.

    Level 1- 5 mastered quests

    Level 2- 10 mastered quests

    Level 3- 25 mastered quests

    Level 4- 50 mastered quests

    Level 5- 69 mastered quests


    Places to Look

    My Other Guides:






    AwesomeSauceGuides Inc.




    This brings me to the end of the KaW Questing Guide. I hope you have enjoyed reading it and learnt a bit more about questing.

    I'd like to say thank-you to the people I couldn't do this without:

    -tmh, for helping edit
    - OutdoorToast, for many reasons
    - Conclave of Shadows, my clan, for their moral support and pure awesomeness :p .
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