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  1. Very good 
  2. Thank you OP for the compliments and recognition. This thread is another valuable and brilliant addition to the Forums.

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  3. May I just say, basic OSW guide was written by meisha :p
  4. I posted on this.. But I don't remember it Anyways great job op, looks amazing.
  5. Why haven't I ever seen this? Very nice!
  6. Very nice and useful too :)
  7. Bump. I just got back into KaW. Looking to add more threads to the library. Post any ideas and suggestions below.
  8. All of this work for a game? WTF!?
  9. It was done over time haha. It started as a single post.
  10. 15 NEW ARCHIVES ADDED - See below

    The Valiant Knight Tales
    The KaW Freestyle Cypher 2015
    The Color Wars by Moody
    Hazzy's Hideout
    A Beginning GaWers Guide to KaW
    Downloadable Epic Battles Guide
    Epic Battles Guide
    Order of the Valiant Knights
    Hitchhikers Guide to the KaWlaxy
    Yarmes Max Plunder Guide
    Homes for New Players
    Guide to Performing Admin Duties
    Read Before You Make a Clan Thread
    Valiant Knights Additions
    KaW Palooza 2015

    Also, I plan to add a guild threads section, solely for guild recruitment threads. This includes historic ones such as iG's first thread and KotFE's first thread. Please bump the thread with suggestions or request for the section.
  11. Hey look, hazzy's hideout is there :D
    Same as the kaw freestyle cypher :D
    This is still a really useful thread for browsing different threads from guides to entertainments :D
    Good job op :)
  12. Added 50 New Archives plus descriptions. Much more to come 
  14. Just added Clan Recruitment Thread Index, which will be under construction for a few days. Feel free to PM me your clan's thread link and I will add it to the list. As of now I have just been working off of the most recent on the Clans and Alliances section.
  15. Ayyy I'm still on this thread how nice .
  16. Bump. Back from retirement. Please post threads to add so it can be updated. Its been awhile.