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  1. Going to talk to moose about a sticky.
  2. Trying to decide whether or not to make a player profile portion. This would include a short bio and list of threads. It would only be done for avid forumers.
  3. The new Profiles Section has been added, as well as a few more archives into the KaW library. Please give feedback!
  4. I'll never get on here lol,to many people hate me as it is.....
  5.  Popularity doesnt mean being liked.
  6. This has gotta be the best post I've seen since wulf PvE eb spoiler. Just what he game needs. An everything you need/want to know in one place. Good job bud. I will use regular. Mods should perm link this one 
  7. Wish Mods were actually contactable 
  8. Back to the front!
  9. Amazing0-0
  10.  Like it? Took me forever.
  11. Please add The Writer's Café from Fan Fiction.

    Overall, amazing thread. You must have spent a long time on it! Sticky!

    And also, who is this MeatWhistle person? I have never seen him, and I've been on forums for a while.
  12. The Wrtiters Café Is up there  and Meatwhistle was an older forumer. About 1-2yrs ago I believe.
  13. Writers Café under W.
  14. Thanks KOS. Keep up the good work 
  15. Wow this had to be quite a labour intensive endeavour, good work
  16.  Devs arent giving a sticky