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    and thank you Daeminz i am aware.
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    >.> seriously I already have this thread with 120+ ideas.
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     Sorry about that. I wasnt aware that that it was still being updated?
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    I keep track on the date and time its updated on my third post. Devs said they'll be moving it to the Ideas section soon.
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    This is not an ideas thread. It will eventually be a compilation of the best threads on forums. It started as a thread of links anyways. Similar but not the same, if I interpreted you correctly.
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    It says the KaW Idea Library.

    B and others already have threads for what you just stated as well some stickied. Anyways KZ out.
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    Looks great mate
  8. Thread updated with numerous new links :D please comment significant threads to be added to the "Library"

  9. I can't possibly degrade this because so much effort was put in. Great job.
  10. A good idea, and well done.

    Please find my submission to the Library, The Daily KaW-KaW Archive, located at:

  11. @KingCalm

    Added to the archive.
    Love your work bud. Keep it up. ;)
  12. 9 more archives added. Any ideas as to future orginization methods?

    I was thinking of organizing the threads under each letter alphabetically next, which would be tough, but worth it in the long run when the archive fills up.

    Please throw out any suggestions.
  13. IM Mentioned!!!!
    Anyways we'll written and informative! Full support from my way!
  14.  Thanks for the support. I moved the thread away from solely ideas killzone. Didn't want to bash on yours.
  15. Nice thread. 
  16. Best of! And Sticky!!!
  17. Told you killzone still updated it :p but I still liked it.
  18. Loving this thread. So much useful information in one place. Should help a lot of players.
    Keep it growing your doing a great job with it.
    And yep I'd ask for a sticky on this too.
  19. I'm gonna support. I don't have time to read if all. This must have taken a long time to make the thread.