The KAW Juggernaut

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  1. Note:feedback suggests this to be ideal as an event.

    I don't know if this has been suggested but here goes....

    So it starts like this ,

    Out of all KAW players, a random picked 5% of players will be the juggernaut.
    The juggernaut will be the only one to know he/she is juggernaut via news announcement.

    Now for non-juggernauts to become juggernauts they will have to attack players from BL and anywhere to try and attain it.This can maybe be just two successful attacks to attain JN.

    You maybe thinking what's the point?

    The juggernaut has rewards, these can range from:

    -35% more plunder
    -50% higher drop rate chances
    Etc, these can be changed of course.

    Moreover, to keep it fair, the juggernaut will be refreshed everyday meaning most will get a chance to be a juggernaut.

    If possible then if inactive accounts can be excluded from juggernaut then this would make the idea even better.

    Players in the LB will not get stat boost but only plunder bonus.

    Thank you for reading this thread and I'm sorry if there are mistakes .
    Please share your thoughts :) .

    Suggested modifications:

    Doom- 3-4 unloads to pin juggernaut.

    Swag- disabled xtal use for juggernaut.
    Juggernaut gets stats bonus.
    Dtw disabled, last one to hit juggernaut gets spell.

    Destroyer:- Juggernaut LB which shows who held spell for longest, (ideal because all level players can be on there).

    -Juggernauts are/is announced on Wc.
  2. Sorta support.would be better as an event maybe?
  3. Pretty good. But make the juggernaut more like a real JUGGERNAUT maybe have the mechanics changed so it take 3-6 unloads to Pin it
  4. Yeah the way to become a juggernaut and the juggernaut reward values can definitely be changed, I just put values to give an idea to everyone.

    The values can be changed to suit everyones preferences.
  5. To make it so inactives can't get it and so fairies won't complain, make it where you have to opt in to participate.
  6. Interesting, with a bit of work this could become a good idea
  7. Support

    Though the juggernaut concept could be improved the idea is great. Kaw has become a little pointless, too many bc eb fairies hitting the Same eb day and night to increase their Bfa but t what end ? They do not war nor participate to pvp event. Ludicrous
  9. Love this idea
  10. Thanks for the support :)
  11. Np haha...great idea anyways hope it will be implemented
  12. Good idea. Support
  13. I totally support! I mean, come on kaw! 2 PVP events and what, 12 PvE events? And I only got to participate in 1 pvp event due to RL events :( we need more pvp stuff!
  14. Uuhmm... 
  15. So it's like BL EE?
  16. Would be nice fun, and a great incentive to PvP.

    Full Support.
    (But some adjustments/counter-exploit changes would need to be made).