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  1. I've noticed some people are picking on others on forums because of reasons I've yet need to know. But my question for those who pick on others why you do this? What reason do you pick on people for creating threads and derail it? I want to know
  2. To who are you referring?
  3. I think he's referring those who is aiming at kasama
  4. Lmao !!

    Did his mom call you ?
  5. More mom jokes really dude?
  6. Please keep it on topic don't derail it. Especially these absurd mom jokes which really gets old and annoying
  7. Guys be nice to Domo, he can't help that he is simply one to follow and not one to lead.

    He'll re-iterate some lame joke that another is mouthing just in an attempt to be comedic.

    Domo, you really are holy. Mainly in your brain, less in your character.
  8. This is why forums are littered with certain groups of individuals who can't stop derailing topics like this one
  9. To make america great again.
  10. #yourmommadeamericagreatagain
  11. All this crap needs to stop ... Your moms would hate to have to take time off from entertaining me to be ashamed of you.
  12. I won’t do it anymore ...tell him to put up another thread 

  14. Hasn’t there always been bullying in forums?
  15. This is the lightest amount of bullying the forums have ever had, quit your crying
  16. "It's completely fine, who cares if someone is getting harrassed on a daily basis?"

    Also I don't think I've ever seen anyone getting harrassed through forums before. Other than Roni and that was only because they was making up lies towards people and handling things inappropriately.

    There has never been a case where a user has gotten banned for harrassing another player through forums and then that user repeatedly makes alts to direct insults towards the individual and their family members, while admitting to eating people's faeces.

    Legit, shifter. You think you're all knowing forum-wise but don't turn a blind eye because you have a past with the person.

    I don't even know what I did for you to side with the others.

    But honestly, BRING IT ON!
  17. Did kas mom tell you to write that ??
  18. Kasama the llama come to spit on everything as usual.
  19. Bionic the moronic back to repeat the same phrase over again
  20. #whodoesnteatfaeces?!?!imsorrythatfaecestastessogoodbuteveryonewhomakesfaeceshappenstohavefamilyaswell?!whocanhelpthatandwhywouldthatmatter
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