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  1. What is hansel?
  2. Hansel is any build with All Spy buildings (Typically Level 4 Guilds and/or Stronghold of Shadows) combined with 1 troop building (typically a Beastiary or War Aviary)

    This build is acknowledged as one of the fastest ways to grow in the game.
    Here is a guide on how to do it:
    :arrow: Warriors Guide To A Lightning Fast BC by SexyWarrior69

    Extremely High Ally Plunder
    Extremely High Plunder from steals
    Relatively safe from attack outside of war
    (Low defense = only the very small and other hansels will be able to attack you)
    (High Spy Defense = very resistant to steals)

    Cannot do any but the most basic Quests
    Not very strong in a fight due to low attack
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  4. You are right about the guild but dilly is correct concerning osf because u can have an open secret farm that isnt pure spy
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  12. Now time for a thesaurus :)
  13. It's good and has helped me a lot with all the slang in KaW
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  15. Does LCBC mean lowlands complete build complete these days?? and the HCBC means highlands complete buildings complete?? :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?:
  16. Yes indeed.
  17. What does the stand for in HLBC?
  18. HighLands Build Complete .
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