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  1. You should explain WHY one can be DTW. What is the game point?
  2. RPW and FPW are the same thing?
  3. Great job Dilly ...thnx
  4. Darn.. it only half worked
  5. I've got a suggestion for u to add :) clan hopping- when u hop from clan to clan
  6. What does FTW mean I keep on seeing that around and I don't know what it means
  7. For the win. Though u have wtf. So idk lol
  8. What about adding hansel? I keep seeing that around.
  9. This is a good idea!!! I'm always foregetting what the terms are
  10. What is a hansel build
  11. Mainly spy build
  12. F**k the world. Nice huh?
  13. a build consisting of all Spy buildings (Typically Level 4 Guilds or Stronghold of Shadows) and one troop building (typically a balanced build to get the extra 2 attacks against OSF)

    Hansel have the advantage of being very small in Troop numbers which makes them all but impossible to attack (only the very small and other Hansels can attack them) while preserving the advantage of being able to attack very large OSF.
    Also, Hansel plunder id one of the best in the game is almost all made from ally plunder. So the Hansel's First attack and second attack are very similar in gold earned.
    Hansel is the preferred growth method for those trying to build an OSF or trying to get to T4 build as quickly as possible.
    Here is a good build Hansel Guide that takes you through the Hansel Method:

  14. What do BBcodes mean

  15. Bulletin Board Code or BBCode is a lightweight markup language used to format posts in many message boards. The available tags are usually indicated by square brackets surrounding a keyword, and they are parsed by the message board system before being translated into a markup language that web browsers understand—usually HTML or XHTML.

    BBCode was devised to provide a safer, easier and more limited way of allowing users to format their messages. Previously, many message boards allowed the users to include HTML formatting, a side effect of which was that malformed HTML could disrupt the page's layout, or HTML could be used to run JavaScript leading to XSS attacks.
  16. What's a t3 hansel, compared to a normal hansel?
  17. T3 Hansel refers to a Hansel that is made up of all Level 4 Guilds and one troop building.

    Even though their are only 2 tiers of spy buildings many refer to Stronghold of Shadows as Tier 4 because they were released at the same time as Tier 4 buildings. Therefore Guilds became known as Tier 3.

    I have heard people refer to all SoS + 1 troop building Hansel builds as "T4 Hansel" and occasionally "Gretel Builds"