The KaW Dictionary

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  1. KaPW - Kingdoms at Private War (describing how little of an actual war gane this is)

    KaWing - The act of playing KaW.
  2. A sticky is when an excellent thread containing very good information about the game and is well written and cleanly organized is automatically kept at thetop of the section the thread is posted in.
  3. Thank for the dictionary ! I love it
  4. Wat buildings do u build to become a oaf?
  5. RL for Real Life
  6. Y- Yoked definition: you got told by someone
  7. C ircle
    O f
    E lements
  8. Nice dude very helpful
  9. Love It!!! Thx Dill
  10. thank u dilly mon
  11. tank u dilly
  12. it's so small
  13. What about alt
  14. Thanks! Helped a lot 
  15. Working on an update with all of your guys's suggestions