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  1. Absolutely fantastic!!! I had thought of a couple of terms that you may not have thought to include, but darnit I forgot what they were lol!Excellent job Dilly the Dairy King!
  2. Wow Dilly! Great Job! 
  3. How old are u dilly?
  4. Hansel is a build made of 23 spy buildings and 1 attack building
  5. only if noobs will read this
  6. Quest could be in the q section
  7. Great guide very informative definately answered a few questions.
  8. YOU FORGOT SKIM IDK WHAT THAT MEANS ADD IT ASAPPPPPPPPP :cry: :lol: :oops: :D :p :oops: :evil: :!: :mrgreen: :geek: :ugeek: :idea:
  9. I wish I can put that on my notes buy first copy it but I can't :(
  10. MP= Max Plunder
  11. Never read the whole thing it was boring sorry :(
  12. Skim- when you hit an osf twice then regen then hit twice again. Using this you will make much more per hour than fully unloading. (non hansels only).

    Also, were you still around Dilly, you should add newb and noob.
  13. :D this helps a lot, good job 
  14. PC for private chat
  15. What's fl?
  16. What's a sticky?