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  1. What's Unload?
  2. This has helped on
  3. What does The abbreviation Tank attk 00/00p:0 mean?
  4. What dose a pot mean
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  8. Great dictionary dilly. It covers pretty much everything
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    Unload is when you spend all troops at once. Usually used to hit osfs. When you're unloading your troops you are spending them all immediatly.
  11. I read it ALL and u missed CI
    CI- clan info
  12. I think you got farming mixed up with the common presumption that five hits or more is farming, five hits is certainly not farming.
    Apart from that good job.
  13. thanks that helped me alot
  14. What does OG mean?
  15. I am seriously amazed this thread only has 79 posts, while some pointless ones have maybe 200
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  18. What's a hansel
  19. Isn't it GToU now? Not ToS