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  2. Nice job but its open spy farm 
  3. Actually, it was originally called open secret farm. Some people have mutated it to spy but it's really secret.
  4. OSF is Open Secret Farm
    Q- Quarentine
    to be shunned or excluded/left out
    mostly in clan activitys i.e.
    "we're in a war with a newb clan, just teaching them basic elements of war, so people over 100,000 bonus to owner are Quarentined"
    hope you add :D
  5. Hey thanks for posting this. It's helped me alot in the chat rooms
  6. Great Post! This ought to be good for the noobs
  7. What does ATM mean?
  8. This is really helpful thanks:)
  9. At The Moment

    No problem 
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  11. What is a subclan
  12. This awesome good inventiom 
  13. Thank you so much! :D

    Oh and whats a sticky?
  14. Pretty extensive, but you somehow forgot a very important one!

    ЯВ: Runnybunny. (see stellar)