The KaW Dictionary

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  1. Wat does CS mean
  2. What does inc mean incoming?
  3. Yes. Inc means incoming.
  4. Can't xtal also be xstal? You should put that by it.
  5. This is 9 days before I got my iPad 1 and played kaw a month later in feburary.
  6. these are eb terms๎„‡ miss most war/osw terms here ๎’๎’
  7. Nice. Couldn't read it, to many, but I glimpsed it and it looked cool. I need to study it.
  8. Thanks. A huge help.
  9. Maybe add hansel
  10. Slapping the Kaw D up on ya
  11. what is a noob? plz wall answer
  12. What's tl:dr; mean?
  13. Noob is a player who doesnt want to learn and is a player who repeatedly fails to get anywhere with the game. Often used out of context and as a general insult.

    Tldr stands for too long didnt read.