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  2. You forgot PIK...
  3. What does op mean ? Pm/wall me if the meaning?
  4. CS = Combined Stats, To find your Combined Stats (CS), Go to Home>>Profile>>(For IDevise) for PC it's located in your left hand corner, And all you got to do is add up your attack, Defense, spy attack, and spy defense, to get your CS.

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  5. What is bfa?
  6. Bfa means bonus from allies. These are the stats that your allies give you. Your allies' bonus to allies stats, or the ones you can see on their profile, of which 2% is added to your Bonus to Allies stats.
  7. Excellent definition of a Merc War in the M's section .
  8. Hlbc- highland build complete
    Osw- off system war
  9. Thank you ! Very helpful !
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  11. What are ss's?
  12. Screenshots of your computer and/or devices.
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  14. Needs an update. Castle CAN be upgraded and cf is mostly used as cease fire
  15. That it does, someone will update it I'm sure.