The KaW Dictionary

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  1. Clan Info (CI) is the same as Clan Page (CP)
  2. U missed hlbc which means High Land Build Complete
  3. What about t-trillion
  4. [​IMG]

    Sorry just testing a .Gif
  5. Please don't bring those back.
  6. What does op mean? Laugh at me all u want :D
  7. No ones :lol:

    Op means "original poster"
  8. Drgn is correct. OP could also mean original post also ;) it'll be clear which is which when somebody uses the term.
  9. Alright thanks :)
  10. Umm castle can be upgraded now :)
  11. Thanks! This REALLY helps! Thank u 4 making this forum! :-D
  12. CS means combined stats
  13. Sorta outdated....
  14. Fb means full bar or full unload in war reporting this stumped me for awhile as first thought is Facebook lol but that just didn't make since on a sentence fb attk vandingo np 
    I see what u did there oh and np is not pinned but I'm sure u had that one this is cool wish I had in beginning 
  15. Not outdated, I think this is still the best KaW dictionary around :)
  16. oh man the KaW dictionary is owersome thank you
  17. What does OP mean?