The KaW Color, Font, and Picture Guide

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  2. I think you're more notorious for your melon art
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  4. I accidentally bumped it the other day :lol:
  5. How the hell do you accidentally post something?
  6. I don't though I had clicked on a different thread, thought this was newer than it is.
  7. Quite helpful this guide
  8. All you need is... HTE

    Does anyone else have an underlying feeling that HTE is becoming obsolete?

    That, one day ATA will replace HTE with a money maker KaW has never seen before. We all welcome and rue the day, because of the earnings we will receive and the earnings we pay up to receive the earnings previously stated.

    It's a chilling feeling knowing your last seal is going to become as useful as a seal of deflection or a thread by -deadlyspankingangel-

    Waiting for that amazing 20 day hte stay is looking slightly less possible :lol:

    Especially with the gap in stats extending. I suppose devs could certainly edit the gold per hit/end of eb payout, right?
    Maybe or you could see a new stage added.

    Rotwb representing easy mode, hte symbolising medium difficulty and the new eb with even larger payouts being hard mode.

    Now let us all praise our ape overlords.

  9. Dilly your guide is appreciated. Not the easiest color to read. But FireBrick sounds like an essential font to know. Lol
  10. Question Everything?

    Today I'm one of your crackpot university lecturers that's trying to grab your attention by asking you random questions, waiting 'til you actually ask the correct one... "What are you talking about?"

    Regardless, the topic of today's thread is: What does Question Everything mean?


    Let's get down to business this is going to be long but since I am also quite lazy, a tl;dr will be added.

    With the recent outburst of media lately I feel Questioning Things is becoming more relevant.However is completely subjective and shouldn't be taken too seriously. Media is the main source of information being spread to the public and is capable of manipulating and misleading news.

    Well, you could be fed lies to keep you in fear, to keep you a docile and/or distract you from the true issue.

    Sasuke, what is the true issue?
    Good question.
    The true issue can range from weaponry being supplied to rebels and the deal turning sour to statistics being completely fabricated.
    I mean it's common knowledge that 85% of all statistics are made up :lol:

    Now back to the media, what is/are the primary goal/s of THE BIG 3:

    Radio:To get listeners, get dat money from ads

    Magazine/Newspaper:cash moneys/to sell magazines, get dem readers

    Television:Viewers and obscurely MAKE DAT PAPER through adverts.

    Those of course are slightly dated now and with the addition of the internet everything becomes convuluted. However it is known that advertising fuels a lot of things and that's why adblocker exists.

    What are you trying to say here?
    The point is that being truthful is not the primary goal but instead it's moolah.

    Now you're realising this thread solely focuses on the media but questioning things WHEN APPROPRIATE can be incorporated into real life. Just find openings, maybe when someone is telling you a rumor.


    Why did you make this thread?
    I feel this is an important subject and that you (the reader) shouldn't just take things at face value and instead understand the issue by questioning.

    What's with the continuous threads?
    Boredom and need to interact with my KaWmunity, and hopefully bring about intelligent discussion.

    Why is tl;dr lame?
    This thread was improvised as was the too long; didn't read comment. Be glad I even put one on this thread ;)

    Why should I even care?
    Exactly don't just accept this. You understand the entire point of the thread. Congratulations.

    What if I hate you and your stupid thread?
    Don't post or post but be prepared for a discussion, argument or inc ;)
    However if you try to derail...

    What's your next thread about?
    Wait a day or two and I'll come up with something. But I might be dissing a player.

    Isn't this just your interpretation of what "Question Everything" means?
    Yes, so present yours.

    Tl;dr media is corrupt and just how much is fake

    But sasuke, you is also the media

  11. Rainbow Text

    this is so cool
  12. Wow to think, this post right here, is really what got me banned? Hah what a joke.