The KaW Color, Font, and Picture Guide

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  1. Nice job =)
    Now put those both on your thread in the original post.
  2. Testing lol [/Color]
  3. Hey duck, when u click the toast one, it pops up with the old reply page
  4. Old reply page, the white one
  5. Lol I posted on this thread with it

  6. You started size and ended color.
    Also, 200 is the biggest size, you can't go over that.
  7. Ghoomba clock on ducks toast guide link
  8. It might not work on pc though
  9. [colour=red] hello did this work?
  10. [ colour=red ] hello did this work?
  11. [colour=red]hi[/red]
  12. [colour=red] hopefully this worked [/red]
  13. [colour=red] yo wassup [/colour]