The KaW Color, Font, and Picture Guide

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  1. Damn it... If Harry Potter's super, melo-dramatic powers won't work, ...

    Look behind you Goo ^_^
  2. *turns around*

  3. Hehehe...

    Just like in the movies.
  4. except you probably didnt kill me...
  5. I'm not some merciless *****.

    That Kruger dude is such a wimp. He has to kill you in your dreams. Why doesn't he come out and just attack you in real life? Wimp. xD
  6. I don't know XD
    From the front too, only wusses do it from the back ;)
  7. Sounds somewhat dirty... Lol

    You're calling me a wussy then? xP
  8. It was somewhat dirty, i knew you'd catch it :p
    I guess, do you do it from the back? how can you do it to the back at all o_O
  9. Flexibility.
    Lmao I would've been more flexible when I was younger, I don't don't cheerleading anymore.

    Most people still prefer it the traditional way, though. :D
  10. Don't do*
    Screw this keyboard... And my karma...
  11. Yes, flexibility can be crucial... anyway, kinda off topic, not fair to dilly. :(
  12. *Rewinds time*
    Nobody will notice. Besides me and you.

    I have to get up now, will be back later and post something random. Talk to you later ^_^
  13. Just pm/wall/pal me instead, cya
  14. thanks dillybar
  15. *•*iDuck (>^_^)> iDuck*•*
  16. It didn't work
  17. This really isn't working for me at all
  18. [1]thnx dilly this Is the best[/1]