The Job I Love & The State I grew In.

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  1. Australia is diverse and Victoria is a great place for a horticulturalist. It has the most climate variability here I believe, it sees great adaptibilty take place in many aspects of life through our struggle against the extremes and all that is in between. To have such a diverse ranges of flora grow here to deal with is a privelege for me.
    These lands are spotted with life in rural towns and cities, urban centres and isolated nowhere's. The state is bordered by the dry to less dry and tree lined riverlands of the great Murry river. We've our harsh, flat lands to the north west and then the dry fields and bushlands further inward and west. You'll find towns and cities which are filled with turf covered athletic fields or ovals, shaded & sun filled parks and gardens, that nuture small pockets of wetlands and grasslands all the way through to the north, central, western and south western inlands.
    The north western to north eastern central parts, where most of my work in the field of horticulture has been focused in, can change from dry plains to low hill lands, seeing seasons filled by heatwaves and frosts. It can be covered with various agricultural farms & orchards or great forests of trees like the tough ironbarks, wattles, eucalypts and scrub bush. It changes much along the way when travelling from the west to the east, you can see medditerean and californian climates, tough Australian bushland or Sth African climates, warm subtropical types aswell as cooler rural english types. Some are dry climates and some are humid climates for long periods and you also can see winters and summers of droughts and floods and fires, with heat rising past 50°C and temperatures decreasing to -8°C. You also travel through pockets of low hills, forests and mountains between rocky highlands to denser scrub covered valleys. Many milder mediums of more open spaces can exist in between, seeing pleasant days of warm sun, or cool and sometimes wet, springs and autumns.
    Then we see the land begin to rise way up into the alpine forests, timber plantations, snowfields and snow capped peaks and mountains ranges when reaching further north easterly in Victoria. Down from there it begins falling into cool wet valleys and lower mountain ranges of bushland forests and the cool, thick fern filled rainforests, that so unbelievably swing into brutal wet weather climates through gippsland heading south easterly to hit the decently bearable and the colder rugged beached coastlines which stretch from the north east all the way down to the south central.
    The area surrounding the state capital sees much of the less extreme conditions and is often ripe with sunned or shaded greenery. Numerous orchards, nurseries and cooler aclimated fruit farms can be found here and it's one of my favourite places in Victoria. It stretches back into fern valleys rising then again into forested mountains to the north east.
    Melbourne's north central parts head back up into hilly, rain filled climates sometime miserably chilling but still growing with populations ever on the rise. If you head back down towards the central suburbs of the capital, mild weathered areas, teaming with parks and urban environments, facing also sometimes miserable wet and windy cooler seasons, will be found. Many places can be also be found with better shelter.
    The inner city is ever changing and in one day it can see all seasons change, with a hot and sunny morning turning into an intensely wet, windy and icy afternoon rapidly, but it doesn't stop anyone and doesn't sleep. It's south is filled by great beaches and the inner CBD and surrounding suburbs can provide perfect sheltered conditions for small, and large, green filled parks and gardens. The botanical culture is centred within walking distance from the most urban of cultures of Victoria, Bourke St mall. Then heading west, docklands and industry unfortunately remove the environment's impact but urban planning is slowly evolving to include more plants in it's designs. Trees and plants can be found through the city on top of buildings or in work places and many hope and work to create change to include more green life in it's core.
    East and west suburbs see a more slow reverse again towards similiar climates seen in the north. Parks and fields and trees are spotted often and residential areas and are flowing with both tightly packed and low maintenance gardening styles. They're often hidden behind closed doors or just peeking out from over fences. In fact, in many of the west, east and northern suburbs you'll find residences with small gardens and numerous businesses selling plants, gardening and landscaping supplies. The well known Plantmark and Flemming's Nursery name's are well known among many horticultural professionals as the best places one can shop in Australia. I strongly recommend any horticulture worker should try to visit them to see how the elite of the industry do it. Specific types of garden, Bonsai, and many other less profesionally based nurseries and suppliers are abundant too. You can find as many that are lacking in knowledge and care as you can find many that are abundant with it but people in the state are working towards standardised higher levels of quality in the industry.
    Once moving west out of the city, the cooler, fresh ocean sprayed coastline returns and is spotted by cities and towns where many enjoy the coastal lifestyles and scenery. The cold can be tough with the ocean winds, hitting with the feeling of the deep waters of the Bass Straight and Antartic region beyond. It can also be pleasantly warm though, and tourists flock there at certain times. Many Australian beaches are found to be well worth a visit when compared to many in the world. Low lying coastal shrubs, grasses and trees can be be found all along it's majestic, rocky and sandy coastlines to the edge of the state again.
    Heading north again we see many agricultural lands return, with darker, longer and greener grasses then further north west. This is where the wool industry thrives and towns become more rural again increasingly. Cold winters and reasonable summers are found less extreme in the south west of Victoria. You can find plains of not too densely, tree filled areas with hills and valleys of paddocks, and quite a natural way of life that slows down abit more towards the state's western neighbouring borders, but like any place in Victoria people work hard and grow.
    Our environment, with it's diverse range of species and cultures fill me with wonder. It can change from the fastest growing and moving urban centres in Australia to the many slower and isolated areas. From the hottest, and sometimes toughest, places to be on Earth sometimes, to the most pleasant and liveable. We've some of best vacation areas one might expect to find and it's with nothing less than pure enjoyment to have been able to see. The people are as diverse as the climate and flora surviving in it and the creatures who live between them are also great marvels to come across. I'm happy to have been born here, live here, learn and grow here, and to have worked for the benefit of this great land, which is only one of the many great parts I've seen of Australia. I'm even happier still to know there is so much left to see and wonder at. The next big adventure or great journey is always just a walk, drive or trainride away. This state is a place of nature and being and I wouldn't change much but my next perspective for the better by viewing another great part of it. Peace and Love to the Victorian.
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    That great ocean road
  3. Yeah, it's a great place, people seem to love it down there...i'm up in the goulburn valley.
  4. With all the negative perspective of the world today I wrote this to share my love and passion for life and spread some positivity. I haven't always felt so good but I haven't always felt so bad either, we all are so different and see things in so many different ways it amazes me. I hope more people can learn to understand others and how we can help learn from each other first and realise that's a really positive thing to be able to do. If anyone else wants to share something they enjoy about where they are from or have been I'd love to read it, so please post away and thanks for spreading the positive things you feel.
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    Geezus another rambling bumbling post ?
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    What a load of crap. Traffic in Melbourne has reached critical because of poor infrastructure planning.

    All houses are being torn down and turned into massive apartment blocks.

    The nanny state punishes and fines people for any small infraction.

    I grew up in the southeastern suburbs and live in inner city Melbourne now. It’s a dive
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    Oh and let’s not forget the massive ice epidemic in not just Melbourne but all rural Victorian towns.
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    Ok who asked though
  9. You're quite welcome to your view guys and many people ask me what's so good about Australia and many ask what's so bad and point out the negative parts of Australia...i too was once just like that and you can stay on that path or walk another, it's entirely up to you...
    i see the brutal effects of poverty & drugs and have experienced them first hand and have seen others who have. i see friends and family lose their homes, relationships and lives over them, i know it's tough to look at but it's even harder to see what positive things can come from these things when that's all that surrounds you. i've also seen friends lose "happier" lives who've never felt poverty, never experienced drug abuse or abusive relationships and i've seen greater and worse things take and protect peoples lives...all I aim for now is to help society. i give and do alot of charity work and work hard in any other job i do. i am no better than you, i feel no superiority, infact i feel responsible for not helping people enough and see that as my greatest fault and no other's. i view everyday and minute that i don't make a positive change for someone else as it being my fault the world is so negative...i am responsible for your losses as i comprehend it. I am just 1 man but i take it as a privilege to help benefit all people. i try to make sacrifices, i gave up all my material desires and continue to work hard to help others more...if i can figure out a way to do it so noone else has to feel like that all the better...i don't want recognition or material rewards for it...i don't want my name known...i just want ppl to feel positive. sorry if that's made anyone feel negative and it was was not my intention...if anyone would like to share why they view things so negatively pm me and i'll listen and reply asap, i'll put it on my list and I'll do what i can to help change those circumstances for the better asap.
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    So you gave up your house ?
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    I’m also soo negative from being poor. It’s a struggle day to day without the proper amount of money to live on. Are you able to send me some to help pay for some bills ?
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    Your sooo poor because I steal your gold and collect your tears
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    So how is your red light district?
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    I couldn't because i've never owned one, i tend to find ppl who are struggling to pay bills or mortgages and move in with them and help them where i can.
    .i prefer to give the money i don't need to others rather than to hoarde my wealth, most of my earnings go to charities, helping others i know pay bills, education and r&d...n i've been homeless too, adds a different perspective to life :)
  15. #stickingneedlesinmyeyesgivesmeadifferentperspectiveonlife
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    I can give you me if you are really keen to get some help...i'd have to assess alot of factors to determine the exact way i can help you though, if you'd be willing to open up your life to a thorough examination and analysis and then listen and comprehend my advice and follow what i suggest you do from this point out it'd quite possible and likely probable to solve your financial issues.
  17. i imagine so lol