the impossible math question

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  1. Student in australia apparently struggled with this deeming it impossible. Can you works it out
  2. 360 divide by 12 = 30. Answer is B.
  3. Wrong. Good try. Have a cookie. You solved for the interior angle of the 12 sided figure. Not angle x.
  4. 360/12*2 since there are 2 coins
  5. The diagram isn't really clear though, it's asking for the angle between the 2 12 sided polygons. I made same mistake at first glance.
  6. Op, do your own homework
  7. You first need to find the angles of the triangle in the first figure.

    The interior angle is 30 because 360/12 is 30.

    Next it is a triangle with 2 equal sides, so 180 equals 30 plus 2x. Solving for x you get 75.

    Next you make another equation. This equation is 360 equals 75 plus 75 plus 75 plus 75 plus x. Solve for x and you get x equals 60. Pretty easy.

  8. Bored at work so here
  9. Excellent work, Troll. I give you a lot of credit on this one.
    Maybe, I would have went that route if the angle on the left coin wasn't marked. I was also questioning the relevance of the 2nd coin, but you explained it well.
    Can I share my cookie with you? Lol
  10. Dk how this qn is categorized as impossible...
  11. Just takes some critical thinking... Not really difficult once you break it down.
  12. Lol, the only challenging part is figuring out which angle is x, cause they did not specify which angle is x. Otherwise, its basic math
  13. Yeah.. You could also just glance at the problem and realize that it is an equilateral triangle.

    180/3 equals 60. But that's probably not how it's supposed to be done.
  14. *The impossible maths question.
  15. 360/12 gives external angle of the coin, x2 gives 60 which is angle x... The students who found it difficult must pretty dumb...
  16. That's not really the correct way to get the answer. Just convenient it works out to be.