The HTE Saga

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  1. This one is glorious.
  2. True story..

 should change your name to Billiam Shankspere because that was an epic timeless classic
  3. Another piece of genius.U just rock.
  4. Loved it lili :)

    Keep it up because these are actually interesting in a simple way and are original content which we all love :)
  5. Nice. Gave me a good laugh.

    Thanks 
  6. I love the intro. And the pots and seal being pots and a seal. It was glorious.
  7. Never sealed in a hte :lol:
  8. This needs to go into new player guide immediately. Well done!
  9. Can't lie these make me smile :)
  10. Awesome
  11. 
  12. This is the best thread  I nominate this as best thread of 2016. Well if there was a best thread awards for later this year. And I'm not giving any ideas to anyone. *obviously wink wink*