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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Evil, Jan 2, 2016.

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  1. Can we all just laugh at this response? I thought it was well placed and funny.
  2. Ahh the common noob troll with nothing useful to say other than to correct what someone else has said. Well done

    Maybe some day you'll come up with something worth while to say, someday ;)
  3. general speaking m8
  4. I can understand where you're coming from with loyalty, but if you spend $6 on an Internet event, then you should be able to use it however you feel will give you the best bang for your buck.

    If the seal dropped in the clan, that's a whole different story.
  5. Farm those HTE fairies
  6. Clan sucks but you, making this thread, suck more
  7. I know the feeling

    Happened with me too...
    For zta
  8. @op, you should organize a "farm an hte clan for a day " event, I'm sure they will be many that join in the fun
  9. Are they really gonna farm the dude?

    We will find out on the next episode of dragon ball Z
  10. Love the way they claim they'll farm him until he apologises. But I seriously doubt that they'll have the attention span to do that before going back to their precious HTEs
  11. Skittles, you are incorrect in your attempt at grammar correction ... The article "an" before HTE is correct because the letter "h" when pronounced begins with a vowel sound of long "a" ... if the "huh" sound was used to pronounce the word, then the article "a" would be correct.
  12. Can confirm the only fun part of that clan is mrs sunshine <3
  13. What about me? I'm flickin fun!!!!
  14. All about your accent. In mine it's a HTE, but in others it's an HTE. In my accent it goes "Haych" and in others is goes "Aych". It is all about the development and shortening of words.
  15. RPL_X-D,

    It's not the letter "haych" ... It's the letter "aych" ... Dialect only determines if some English words have a silent "h" or a pronounced "h" (i.e. herbs, heir, etc)
  16. No, that is how it is pronounced in my region.
  17. Region of what?
  18. i suppose if everyone in your region mispronunciates the word it is ok if you do the same.
  19. Why is this still going?


    This scamming idiots think they are gonna apologize? On my dead freakin body that is
  20. Que the butthurt!
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