The Hoarfrost Sverugant

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  1. Bro everything here is pointless. The goal is have something to do and have fun
  2. Kezzer stop taking credit for something. Devs plunder was decided at same level with goth and lotl. Devs not making money of them. They making money from premium eb. Why would they do it right the first time instead of monitoring and waste more time to change plunder. Obviously they give up a little for very few players demanding more plunder. My opinion the plunder don’t really bother me much. Devs giving enough free stuff like building tokens and crystals. A few million increase is a waste of devs time. They could use those time to improve on monitoring programs.
  3. Do you have to have the new weapon equipped in order to get ug material to drop ?
  4. My plunder on NOTH is still less than GOTH per hit, was this suppose to be corrected?

    NOTH Ally bonus: 6,630,840,506
    GOTH Ally bonus: 7,004,132,268

    Used ally bonus amount because it don't change. But NOTH is about 350 mil less per hit.
  5. No
  6. I got the weapon first try.....did 10 new eb and still no ug material.
  7. You're first attempt was lucky that's it. I see a couple drops per eb so it will take a while
  8. Glad the plunder has increased.. but I still make more from goth!! We've waited so long for a new eb.. at least make it worth it and make it pay more than goth.. like a fair bit more!
  9. Haven’t tested it for plunder, but I think 3rd EB in series often necessary EQ but the “worst” in the series - look back, we only really ever run 1 & 4 and 2 at a push hardly ever the 3rd, so noth seems to fit the pattern. Wouldn’t surprise me if the plunder was worse in the earlier series as well.

  10. What are some of the other best plunder in tier EBs and which one is the series are they?
  11. Nicely written and true words rusty 
  12. In all fairness OSW is outside of the system so the Devs can't exactly cater for it. They could give PvP some attention but they have already put PvP hits into legends. It's tough to do a lot without exploitation. I'm not a dev and neither are the majority of the player base so we don't fully understand how difficult it is to balance new features and prevent exploitation

  13. Hard for me to beleive that the reason pvp isnt worked on is because of exploitation. Charms are still being exploited, there not bothered by that. The reality is devs dont want us hitting each other- it makes the premium eb spenders quit.
  14. I understand this is soon, but are the future EBs for this bracket scheduled for release or being worked on? Being the EBs for Abyss, Osmon Rai and possibly Deep Mine? Just curious if we can be expecting any more in this series and as to when we possibly could if so.
  15. It's definitely too early to say, but I'd imagine the next one in the series will be in the Abyss!
  16. Hopefully more interesting w/ some item phases that require a “sweet spot” to be able to hit successfully?
  17. What are the drop rates of the materials to upgrade the equipment?
  18. The plunder has dropped off badly from goth to both. Is there an explanation for this?
  19. Goth to Noth*
  20. Plunder has been boosted again.