The Hoarfrost Sverugant

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  1. The plunder on the new eb is lower than goth. The end bonus is slightly higher than goth. From what I can see the new eb requires approx 8-10% more actions compared to goth. The final clan plunder is typically 8-10% higher than goth. My estimate is that the overall plunder is about the same for both these ebs.

    By contrast lotl and goth both need approx the same amount of actions to complete but goth total clan plunder is about 15% higher than lotl.
  2. This is an intended mechanic, there's some more randomness to the amount of work you do, but if you continue to hit, you'll eventually hit the max drops for your size.
  3. I'm saying, we are similar size and I had maybe 50+ more hits. This has happened multiple EBs too that I've been "randomly" shorted with a few unloads. So is it just intentionally random and not actually more actions incentive based?
  4. Where and when are the ug materials supposed to drop ? I’ve been hitting new eb since out and no ug material.
  5. You need the weapon first, and once you have that, they can drop. It's a rare drop though.
  6. So rare that it never drops ?
  7. The EB has been out for 2 days...
  8. Good job Devs. Finally there’s a new EB. And legends are good too.
  9. Will the plunder be adjusted or will it stay the same?
  10. Just waiting on more data before I make any decisions x)
  11. Better plunder please Winston...
  12. Attack a PS1 always pay more than
  13. Plunder increased.
  15. You give up too easy. I wish you would do the same with autoclickers
  16. But per plunder hit is still less than the goth
  18. Agreed, getting about 10% less than goth.
  19. They didn't give in they were monitoring it for balance and listened to the community and mods.
  20. Ty for all you guys do trying to make game better I just have 1 question it stats that this new weapon is significantly high in stats ? From stats I have seen this is significantly lower in stats then other weapons in past plus fox sword massively higher if bc will this be adjusted ? You needed enchanting it so if bc and have dod sword chasing this eq is almost pointless??????