The Hoarfrost Sverugant

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  1. Lovin’ it Winston! 
  2. Are the transmute stats lower on this specific weapon than other transmuted pieces of equipment? If so, why wouldn’t you just have the same percentage as the other transmutable equipment after transmutation?
  3. What will the new EB drop? As in the same items that goth drops or the one Lotl drops?
  4. By the way, that means we should be expecting Maraunder of Osmon Rai. Good work devs
  5. Could you elaborate?

    Does do not work mean the images don't show up, the stats aren't being added to your profile, you get an error when trying to equip?
  6. Oops! I used the wrong image in the forum post. Yes, the wolf is top 10, the hawk is the box/purchase beast.
  7. Same as LOTL
  8. It was supposed to increase slightly, but I'll look into the data once more people complete it and see if any changes need to be made.
  9. Basically just didn't want people to make charm farms to hit this EB, get the weapon, transmute it, and then sell on the black market. The stats are significantly higher than any equipment drops in other EBs.
  10. I also have a question about the Tokens of the Sky Continent. In my marketplace, it says I have 40. When I go to my mage page to upgrade, it says I have 16. What is the reason for this number difference? Attached are screenshots. Thanks for the help.



  11. The one in the marketplace is a different item that combines the cost of traders tokens to make the real one, and unfortunately you can buy a bunch of them as long as you have 50 tokens, so if you can't combine more than the amount you buy, you'll be left with ones that do nothing.
  12. Why didn’t I think about that stupid me 
  13. Dear Winston....I think payout definitely needs some tweaking ...
  14. It’s a different item with the same name? Ok then. :lol:
  15. This subtle nudge against charm cheaters is a solid first step. If you could ferret out the ill gotten charms and eliminate them from the game now that would be an outstanding accomplishment!
  16. You said it! But you should try saying "I Dumb Dumb" it's less harsh and you already have the abbreviation in your name ;) perfect!
  17. If anyone could answer it would be greatly appreciated
  18. It's harder, but not waaaaaaaaay harder
  19. Devs acknowledge black market, but refuse to ban charm farming alts and their mains...nice

    On another note, B2B events with something new, great work devs 
  20. Thank you devs. Nice addition.

    1. Seems about the same difficulty. We've done two in about 2 hrs each. Only about 70 participating on the last one.

    2. First one I used both troops & spies and crystalled a few times. Second one I only used troops and didn't crystal. 400 actions vs 90 actions. My item drop was practically the same.

    3. The plunder per hit seems the same as GOTH, if not actually lower?? I thought my FH on GOTH was higher....