the hitting range issue explained

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  1. I posted this on the hitting range thread, but felt it deserves a thread of its own.

    This is the hitting range issue in a nutshell.

    I would like to explain the hit range issue.

    Traditionally, in the early days of kaw. The hit range was, excluding ally bonus set to 5x the combined stats of a player in either direction.

    This worked well enough when there was only the lowlands and highland available and only limited tier buildings.

    A huge Kingdom in those days was only 6-8 mil cs. A player who was 5x smaller could with pots and a bit of luck, still put up a good fight, or at worst, hit haunting and be active and bridge that gap in a short space of time.

    Now.. A 10 mil cs player, which is not so big anymore, can be hit by a 50 mil cs player. This is impossible to defend or fight against. The 5x mechanic still applies, but is vastly different from the original ideal when there was such limited lands and buildings to aspire to.

    If you add in ally bonus, this only increases the hit range.

    A small Kingdom with ally bonus in the trillions can increase their hitting range by anything up to 8-10 x

    So a tiny shadow or guild hansel with trillions upon trillions in ally bonus can effectively hit the leader board, and the leaderboard can hit them.

    The game has changed so much from the original plan, but the mechanics that govern it havn't.

    This issue needs to be addressed.

    A mid sized Kingdom is years away, and many real life dollars away from being able to be competitive against a large Kingdom in modern kaw.

    What motivation is their to try fight or defend or hold your own when you simply cannot get even one successful action against an enemy?

    Drop builds will keep growing in numbers and growing your Kingdom will be secondary to the newer class of players once they realise they can't and never will be able to compete at any top teir level of the game.

    The player class will be split.

    The game will be not growth focussed and become equipment and ally bonus focussed.
  2. That explains alot. Thanks.
  3. Finally something you posted with some decency.

    Support to addressing the issue. Devs need to pull their thumbs out of their rear's and do something about this.

    I emailed support about some game issues a while ago. I got a reply saying "We've been busy with making changes the community has been asking for"

  4. I only have 2 words for what they've been doing secretly Seth..

  5. Umm, there was no Haunting in the early days of KaW. 
  6. Frog can you please leave this thread. You are only here to bait and flame. Thanks
  7. But he is right
  8. Early is before now. There used to be no TS or STP or HTE.

    There was haunt. And haunt was good.
  9. As I said in the other thread. 500k cs was huge in the early days. This is during the end of pwars and afterwards. 2012-2013ish.

    Support everything else though
  10. Depends on what you're referring to as early days, early days was pwars, or pvp.

    It's really a statement on when said player started playing.
  11. Actually, I'm not baiting and flaming, I'm just pointing out that the op is mixed up about the early days of kaw.
    Also, this statement is strange: "traditionally, in the early days of kaw" . Traditionally? What tradition is she referring to?

    I'd rewrite the thread to eliminate any "early days" references and say "since 2012..."

    But I've been asked to leave, said my peace, so bye

  12. I started playing in 2011-2012, highlands were out and the top eb was the last tgl. 500k was achievable very quickly (ofcourse not as quick as now)

    Support, hit ranges suck ATM. I've practically stopped playing, I probably will again when this event is over
  13. To get the facts straight, the last pwar's were Sept 2011. Eb's had been introduced many months before. Don't post what you don't know. Thank you
  14. I started Nov 2010 and all there was were LL's. To make gold was pwar's or BL. There were system wars also, but with pwar's not many did that style. So OP has the right format of the mechs of battle hit range, just worded it so many took it wrong in meaning of timeline
  15. And to add, I think it's completely stupid that a SH can hit me for huge gold vs me hitting and get a measly 1m. I have put 4 yrs into building, and these builds have 1 yr and can do this kind of damage. That is why so many new alts are small SH. They dominate wars with this 5 yr old KAW mech. So devs nerfed GH. Wow. SH popped up immediately. Devs need to address the core problem and not try to "BandAid" it.
  16. I remember seeing posts in wc about pwars as late as january 2012. Just saying
  17. Thank you for correcting me. If you read what I said properly I said 'ish'. This means its an estimate. I played during plunder wars and before. I don't need your attitude.
  18. There were no official clans when I started, just forum alliances. So, I wouldn't say PWars are 'early' KaW; they came after system wars were introduced, which came a good while after the clan system, following the Fox/iG experiment.