The Hit Ranges

Discussion in 'Strategy' started by OcToPuS, Aug 29, 2015.

  1. [​IMG]

    The Hit Range.

    90mcs+ vs. 12mcs????


    Seriously devs?
  2. 350 xtals, mind sharing ?
  3. Dang it never mind only 150
  4. thank you for your contribution to my thread. Was aiming more for a rant on the devs :lol:
  5. OK umm. Grr how could you do that devs. Better?
  6. Better. Adding an example of when you had been screwed by the hit range, or more emotion in your hate would further the epicness of that post.

  7. This is the highest I've been able to hit.
    80 mcs vs. 9.5 CS, yay.
  8. I get hit by opted in LB guys, so if you think you're having a bad time try taking on people with more bfa than I have CS.
  9. Idk why you decided to post this, as everyone is clearly aware that the hit range is absurd. There is nothing you can do but take it with a grain of salt. Also, this is what happens when a hansel comes out of pin.
  10. Mind sharing the mithril with my alt?
  11. Ya hit ranges blahblah is that 7k mith?
  12. I'd like to think they know about the absurdity of the hit range by now. More than enough threads have been made on this topic.

    However if they do know about this and they haven't changed it yet then I would assume that they don't care. Seems to be the trend with them lately.
  13. I've been pinned by people who are 50 mil cs in pvp events and I've been strip farmed by people 30 mil cs and I can't do anything about it. Sucks.
  14. I would say that you are more than just correct.

    I believe the devs have decided the days of improving non directly revenue aspects of the game are over.

    As in had a boardroom meeting and said "game improvements are no longer a concern for our development team. We will only provide content that directly earns money. That will be all".

    Well, something like that.
  15. Dont Exist..

    I get hit by 120m+ players & there is nothing i can do to stop that or hit them back successfully..

    Btw devs dont care..or maybe there are no devs :O
  16. I believe not so long ago ata said they had two devs dedicated to working on kaw.

    And when i say devs, i think they ment interns that press the "begin next promo/event" button.
  17. war a bit noob
  18. I'm wondering why u don't use it
  19. How about all of us smaller guys create a secret organization that strips all those big bullies? All in favor?!
  20. It sucks for me as 12 mil cs when I get farmed by people 80 mil cs.