The history of kawstruction

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  1. 1. Clan v clan OSW are so few and far between I'm just gonna change this to alliance vs alliance. The original OG vs WDGAF war, WDGAF were stripping at an alarmingly rate back then when it meant something.

    2. The original WDGAF, last rights, regs, DR, Alpha, veritas?? Maybe. Regs and LR had as much strip funds as they would ever need and could fill a Cc with +16's in a minute tops
    3. I don't EE but if the old prestige leader board meant anything I would have to go with rising hawks.
  2. The most devastating osw was zaft vs Deadly Fate. Zaft disbanded an lb war clan in 24 hours and ripped their lb players off the lb.
  3. Hmmm interesting
  4. Gunner and Addy what about the rest of the list?