The history of kawstruction

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  1. Hey forums so I decided to put this up after a pm discussion with a long time friend. The point to it is fairly simple and they're is no right or wrong answers just your opinions. See my discussion centered around who we thought was the most devastating player in kaw and naturally our opinions differed, I decided but I'm going to make this thread and expand more on the subject. What I'm going to post and ask that you guys write your chosen and why is as follows 1.The most devastating clan vs clan osw in your opinion 2.The most devastating alliance in your opinion 3.The most devastating Ee clan in your opinion and finally 4.The most devastating single player in your opinion. Most people will have different views on all of these so I ask you give a reason for each of your choice as I will give for mine. So here are my choices

    1.Now I've missed the last two years but the one that sticks out for me was King's vs idd family, now I wasn't a part of this fight but I do remember it an at the time I thought kings would be destroyed but damn I was wrong, kings obliterated idd and quickly.

    2.OK so my opinion here will be seen as biased but I couldn't give a rats ass I just know what I see and quite simply it's my family Apocalypse because what I've came back to is a destroyed zaft alliance that is a shadow of what it was.

    3.Now this one may be a divisive one but war is war no matter how you wrap and in my opinion there is only one choice for this Rising Hawks, in there time they obliterated almost everyone before them an I had the privilege of fighting besides them in season 2 and got too see first hand just how damn good and we'll drilled they where. Happy cop has to go down as the best war commander in ee of all time.

    4. Now finally the one that led to me writing this, The most devastating single player in the history of kaw and for me their is only one the legend that is the war rocket Ajax. Ajax is hands down the most tenacious and devastating single warrior in the game and has went against almost every single big war clan in kaw hansolo. Straight up Ajax would osw his Granny if she gave him reason but tbh even Ajax would lose that one an he knows it.

    So excuse the wall of text and crap grammar and spelling, I don't know how to do the bb code carry on an have bad alpha dyslexia but it's readable so please post your opinions folks and why thanks.
  2. 1. It has to be JHO Vs WTF, That's was the very best OSW I've ever taken​ part in! Thoroughly enjoyed it.

    2. Probably go Rising Hawks or AoC (Was an SH there) Super badass well drilled clan

    3. Well it has to Apoc, with WarLor being the best OSW Clan (Apart from New Age in Their prime)

    4. And finally, Me. Lol. Nah I've oswed with many people, and there are many individuals that have been impressive. Some of the guys at Sons of Sparta are quality, can't really name a single person
  3. Yea westiee I'd include you in my top ten bro as your a bad ass warrior but it's gotta be the War Rocket Ajax cause if he shows up in your news get use to is he's moving in and living there till you ask for a cf cause hell will freeze over before he does
  4. Haha!

    I agree with Ajax probably being the ultimate KaWer. I've seen him OSW entire clans for a laugh at breakfast

  5. I'd have to go with the AAH osw. I don't remember who they faced. I think it was yafi?

    But yafi in their prime was the scariest clan in kaw. I remember any and every clan being more scared of yafi than zaft, even when zaft was in their prime.

    I would go warlor for the beginning of ee during the tower build era, then rising hawks for the rest, with the sh era.

    I think the funniest guy (not the best but I need to include him) solo was iprophet. Going on about how he knew all about the yafi bank dealings with regs. Then after a few months of him ranting everyone got tired of it and turns out he had nothing.

    But I'd say there is no one guy that's solid imo. New age has a lot of quality, so does both zaft and apoc (what's left) and etc
  6. (I'll get back to the others)
    4. bellemorte, maybe kilo. The number of alts and money they had floating around was insane. And it's belle, anybody on around that time knows.
  7. That's very true. Forgot about those guys and LR.

    LR was very well drilled and very solid
  8. Definitely pingu
  9. 1.Zaft vs apoc: Really long war that had massive strips at the time
    2.Apoc were a huge alliance that weren't eb fairies
    3. Warlor: When ee first came out they were dominant
    4.Red Star: Had insane bfa at the timeand was a warrior
  10. Bean please give reasons to your choices otherwise it's pointless
  11. The most fun osw for me was The Strippers club versus los and blood orchid.MrBiscuit is so funny to be around in osw .He pulls big ammounts of gold from nowhere for strips and is very impressive and very motivational when the clan is out numbered but somehow turns it around .Death Dealer really helped me during this osw with advice because Los Arty was all over me lol.She is a very powerful and relentless fighter. Also i would put forward MKDON he really infuriated me more than any other player has.He would hit me non stop around the clock and hiring my allies .
  12. If only apocalypse hit back lol
  13. Pencil

    Now you have a pointless list of pencils.
  14. 1. AAH vs -Dev4st4tion- this war was fun af.. So many pm's of SI raging at me, then rage quitting the day after we stripped his ass and abandoning his clan 

    2. Not so much devastating, more of a lol moment, Umbrella Corporation, I remember recieving multiple pms on kaw and 3rd party app about the beginning of Umbrella corp to reclaim and police the villains of kaw (zaft & apoc) - I don't even know how long they lasted, I just know they failed miserably.

    3. Biased opinion, but worms. We destroyed S1.

    4. I don't think there's an answer for this. Handful of players with amazing skills, some do some things a lot better than others. But I'm bias af, so me.
  15. What clans were in Umbrella corps ? i only remember Osiris .Because when Umbrella corps were in osw with Zaft . i was in Crackdown and crackdown wasnt in the osw only Zaft Crackdown was .So Crackdown got a few moles going in to do the ebs.And i ejected a few . i remember deathcaller and kali and a barcode blackhand account coming in seperate times and taunting and mocking Zaft Crackdown .And a near riot happened each time before they also got ejected ( not by me them times ) . The blackhand account was hitting everyone from within the clan but no admins were in for ages to eject him.That was madness but funny
  16. Ashton I can't say I've ever oswd pencil, eed against pencil or seen pencil destroy folk... Take it there a sharp character ?
  17. 1) I would say the previous zaft vs apoc, wasn't clan vs clan but it was just before the game got over inflated with gold, and strips still held weight.

    2) Apoc, rep where you stay, so many great clans and leaders all under one banner.

    3) Rising Hawks- until they got found out, they dominated things. I remember the feeling when I had to match these guys.

    4) hmmm I'll get back to you on this one
  18. 1. If you're just looking for the most devastating i would have to go with the crackdown vs. Black Hand osw in 2015, the completely destroyed eachother , neither clan existed after that osw.

    Clan and Alliance: im if talking about modern day clans/alliances. You can't really deny that apoc is the most powerful, but hit for hit Invictus is the best (but apoc is a close second) . For clans, and you can argue this all you want, I'd say its a tie between CR, WAR and IG. WAR because they are the unfaltering glue that holds all clans fighting wdgapoc up , CR because they have proven through raw skill and persistence that they are the only worthy opponent for WAR without resorting to means that are not allowed in the game.

    And IG for their idgaf attitude, whom despite fighting apoc, wdgaf And others won't take trash talk from anyone, you diss ig you get stripped (unless your out of everyone's hit ranges you lb noobs) and that's that.

    3. Battlegrounds , enough said, i don't know a sigle EE clan that has ever existed that could beat battlegrounds in a best of 7

    4. I have 2 people i believe deserve this title , one for smalls and one in general

    Against smalls i give this title to skinnyminny whom usually hits relentlessly

    And in general obviously ajax but 90% of that is because of his massive wallet.
  19. Some great examples so far keep em coming guys an aella ee both know that's a lie most of the bigs hit you purely for being you lol
  20. Some great examples so far keep em coming guys an aella ee both know that's a lie most of the bigs hit you purely for being you lol