The Heart of the Abyss

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  1. Pots that’s 1000x in strength are needed. I don’t mind it costing 1000x more. Current pots are useless.
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  2. Great news that the next eb is released. Great too that it is difficult, it is good to have a challenge.

    Looks like the rewards may need a tweak though. Every clan that can run it has but no one is running it again. The gold return is only slightly higher and the gold per hour rate is significantly lower that both/goth.
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  3. I mean, it makes sense where the gold is at though. Usually EBs in a series have a gold efficient eb, and the rest are cleared to be cleared. You’d have to wait for the next eb series to be released to maybe see a true gold bump.
  4. Way too hard for the payout. Need increases in plunder and plate drops, maybe even a 5% plunder br spell for completing.
  5. We did not change min cs, and those in clan there were many who failed hits on bottom half of bars.
  6. I said no gem, no spy bars and 5bcs!!

    I said it 4 times!!
  7. Nobody is running the new eb devs. Tweaks sorely needed.
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  8. I agree that it is hard to attack this EB. But it makes me unfair that players above 10Bcs have ineffective actions (Unsatisfactory attacks) and above all, hits with gold are not well rewarded.
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  9. "Challenging" new eb?😂
    Noone is going to do that, none likes such challenges, I see people are happy with Noth/Goth, unless this eb has increased or higher chances of plates drop then its fine.
    Increase in legends items collection?😂
    It just means lesser clan loyalty, players will prefer jumping around even more than sticking to there clans, to complete legends.
    What as a player I need is, improvement in game quality, bug fixes, lag-free, at ocassion it pushes us out of the app and expects us to force restart to play fine. And not to mention every now and then I get that "session expired" pop-up and have to just clear cache or at times reinstall to open it up again normally😂
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  10. This seems like the appropriate thread to post this thought... So let me make sure I understand this correctly, ATA has increased the rewards/legends requirements but left the actual rewards for legends and rewards the exact same. Can you explain how this is fair ethical or logical. Someone anyone please explain this to me, because I don’t get it..
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  11. ”Partially, this is a response to player feedback, but additionally we want to keep the later legend rewards somewhat exclusive.”
    People specifically asked for this, since it seems at endgame folks feel completing main item events make them sick. - this is not my sentiment, since it hurts us small clan folks who aren’t constantly clan hopping, but I have personally heard this from big players.
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  12. What’s the maximum items needed for main event? Still 50k, 75k or more?
  13. It’s 75k main items to complete that legend and get the non-top 100 equipment.
  14. This is stupid first they promote staying in 1 clan yet 1 clan averaging goth/noth rotation at average 3-4 hour eb witch is good average times cannot achieve 75k it works out to about 65kso makes no sense
  15. Agree, not a good move and solely hurts the smaller players. The strongest/fastest clans will get that, but the vast majority of clan loyal players will suffer. Not sure why devs would do something to hurt the little guys. I’ll be fine either way, I’m always over 200k event items, I just don’t like changes that make it even harder for small accounts to ever catch up or BC.
  16. At the rate this game is going there will be no new or small players. Very hard to find a start up clan, inpossible to get higher teir awards, abused by drop builds in pvp, new free ebs are inpossible and heaven help a new player casting for ee war. Do something to help new players, this game is already 700 players with 10 alts each.
  17. Definitely agree. I think 60k would have been more appropriate for a challenge if the intention was to stay in a home clan. Hopefully the devs scale it back. Also the new eb takes way too much time for the amount it drops. It's about 2x the drop rate but takes 4x as long. Why release an EB that nobody runs? Make it drop more or scale back the difficulty
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  18. Bring back the old item requirement. You can’t be loyal to a clan with this implemented. Maybe add a multiplayer for people staying in the clan. Thank money hungry ATA
  19. This could be attainable if the clan loyalty bonus for staying in clan was included. But small accounts have a difficult time with lower drops and new eb they can't even hit. New players don't exist. Is what kaw is doing now sustainable?
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  20. It's not and we've known this for a long time now. First it was the crummy new Premium Ebs, then it was the permanent xtal cap removal, and now the increase of legends because it was 'too easy to get'

    crummy business strategy here ATA.