The Great Quetzal Hunt Made Even Greater

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  1. ok i no what it takes to develop a game like this. and as far as ppl should be happy that devs do things like this cuz they dont have to. you couldnt be so wrong itsa joke. cuz news flash they do cuz ppl would stop playing if they didnt thats how they hm wait for it yes make $$. And as far as ppl no required or have to spend $$. we all do at some point and yes its our choice you are so right. But wait if we didnt omg no more game n ppl move on and devs dont want that and most kawers dont either cuz they dont make $$ so like i said we all spend at some point to benifit our selves but wait were supporting the game and keeping it going n those who dont spend money n complain realy have limited what they should complain about but for those like me that spend plenty have the right to complain cuz in most ways were like shear holders n making sure the game live n grow with the devs. Moral is the devs have to do this n we should all invest into it. So with that said sit down,sit back n shut up. Now i rarely complain but these hunts are good for the game n like it but this hunt compared to the others is way stingy on the devs as you go up the ladder they are not increasing the reward and have to be way up to see a good reward for yes your love and enjoyment of the game which is why devs are are pushing to end it faster n add a few more things to it cuz they relize not as many are participating compared to the last hunts there doing what any gaming company would do n make it more interesting and make it end sooner and drop more feathers for more to feel like they have better chance to get higher n spend more. But if they only relized the problem is the equipment is probly gona suco n barely any aqua n inferno in the reward these items need to be realy powerfull compared to all other items that ppl get for free doing wars or ebs n the items required to enchant are not enough to enchant with in the teirs you will finish in the end and most of all the seals are way more exspensive then they should they should be priced as xtals n nobs but you wont get a seal from this promo unless you way up on the teirs n for only 1 so cmon its a rip off to do an eb when they would make way more making seals like xtals n promo would be more lively with alot more wortable items with in it and every teir should offer even more of what there offering but hey its a game i still like it n will continue to play it cuz im an infesting in the companywhat about you!!!
  2. Wow what a wall ^

    Plz add spy stats to new banners
  3. They should make ammoumt of feathers relative to hits.. this would allow all size players to earn feathers, stop everyone looking for 1hour reck/rotw clans and hte(only way to get feathers really).
  4. Making it easier to get feathers doesn't make it greater.
  5. Do you guys think you can extend the event to the 14th? Now that I can actually pass tier 2, it's not such a bad event. Lol
  6. I think they increased the amount of feathers dropped, but made them a little more rare. I did 9 ebs so far today only 2 I got feathers from.
  7. You do need a certain amount of hits in ebs.
  8. I got a skull off the last hte... But theres a flaw in where they go. Waring a tough match and don't have time to uncheck it... So... Yah
  9. better drops for special EBs

    One final thing I feel the need to say is that this event brought those new quetzal EBs also, they drop crap feathers tho, why in the h are these special EBs FOR THIS EVENT not dropping a higher amount of feathers? They're completely pointless to do, and they're difficult too. You bring these EBs in and I get more feathers from reckoning? I wld think that for the level of difficulty these EBs are at that they would drop more feathers than they do. I might be missing something but the special EBs for the particular event should be the ones that drop the most (whatever item) esp for how difficult they are. It just makes no sense to me that they don't
  10. What are the skulls for
  11. Hooray for greedy developers! :D
  12. for sure, find a game you buy that does different things all the time, they need to make money to do so.

    you dont need to participate to gain the bonus things they offer.
  13. Devs, I noticed a lot if people playing this game are huge whiners. I feel sorry for you
  14. That is going great i might collect 90 k feathers and i am trying hard lol i started again after stop collecting
  15. At what time is the event gonna end 7 may isn't a very clear deadline
  16. I'm pretty sure the flags for 70K and 90K are to make up for how bad the equipment is going to be.
  17. I lost it somewhere so what r the quetzal skulls for if someone knows wall me plz thx
  18. Can someone plz tell me what the quetzal skulls r for ty
  19. Literally at the top of the page you posted question on. Attack potions