The Great Quetzal Hunt (Final EB Out Now!)

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by [ATA]Grant, Mar 19, 2014.

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  1. Look back this post. Top 100 banner around 10% better stat than existing banner? Is that true?
  2. I still have not received my feather rewards. Are you going to give them to me soon?
  3. Devs why does the level two unkari banner have only a .75% bonus? I thot this was supposed to be level two banner. Wtf devs
  4. this event becomes 1 star down

    the price to high for the equipment what we won


    an allstar war is mutch more fun
  5. How is the 90k babner comparable to a level 2 banner as you said it would be devs? The banner gives a total of a 3% boost to stats... well my level 1 balanced banner does the same.... at least make it what you said you would. Trickery and misleading words caused many to spend a lot of money on this game duting the event at minimum hold to your word
  6. Equipment stats are too low please Add a few K's :(
  7. They did^ :) thanks devs
  8. Thanks dev, the rewards are great.
  9. Devs for the level two unkari banner i feel for it to be a balanced banner the spy stat percentage should also be 1.5%. Its unfair that spys are half as strong. And since i play with low spy stats i was really countin on a boost from that banner. Worked my ass off for the banner. Please increase devs. *inserts pleading*
  10. I feel as though this event was well run. It might be good to have more reward tiers like it.
  11. The good old days
  12. Why was this bumped
  13. This was hands down the best hunt.

    The banners alone are some of the best even a year later.

    Alas locking year old thread. Don't necro bump please
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.