The Great Quetzal Hunt (Final EB Out Now!)

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by [ATA]Grant, Mar 19, 2014.

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  1. I just purposefully burned through a whole stack of quetzal skulls just to avoid the dreaded popup during war. Oh well
  2. please keep the new ebs,
    and keep the skulls, sell them for nob points
    it wont be long is this is the case b2b skull TOD will be running 1 hour ebs and i have x13
    now and will buy more great gold for the kaw comminity :)
  5. What time does this event end est
  6. Can u please give us one more day just one more
  7. Make new event with nobillity points as rewards!!please
  8. Devs please keep the quetzal ebs running for ppl who have skulls to use them. Its big loss for those who were not able to use them which is unfair :-(
  9. About 6 hours left, good luck everybody :)
  10. At KAW admin could you post in forums what was posted on FaceBook as the majority dosent bother with it, all we are hearing are rumors.So many different stories circulating its hard to get to the truth,a heads up would be appreciated so we can plan for future changes.
  11. Why can't it just end, why
  12. I was so happy but now  thought it would be to the end of the day
  13. Sleep kaw, eat kaw, drive kaw, bath and toilet kaw.....still i cant hit the 100k feathers  cant win the raffle 
  14. It cant just end now because devs is trying to help all of us to earn as much feather as me can
  15. when do we know the stats on the items?? hoop full not when we get them.
  16. Was Going to mention, how good you guys think these items are at full enchant?
  17. Hey devs, how about giving us all another 6 hours on the feather hunt??
  18. Dunno Pegasus, but even if they're good to some players, others are gunna complain like looooosers.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.