The Great Quetzal Hunt (Final EB Out Now!)

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by [ATA]Grant, Mar 19, 2014.

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  1. If the 50 k items are bad kaw I swear the monkeys and bananas get it again 
  2. Is there a pro version of the banners?
  3. I'm have just over 50.000 but I only thought I could make 24 overall I'm happy with this promo. Shame I can't get a banner tho for my effort but I made alot more than I ever thought I would
  4. The banners are distinguished in their own way. There's no "pro" tag on them.
  5. 78k, must get 90 !!! #imgonnabeupallnight
  6. Will the EBs end after the event or just the drops? Allowing those who have skulls from event to use them during EB event?
  7. my guess is they will be part of a new series of pots.

    just guessing though...
  8. Maybe some stats for the equipment would be nice!!!
  9. Hi Kaw_community other silly question....will there be a tier 10 to complet the levels?1-2-3-4-5-6-7-7,5-8-8,5-9-9,5-10?
  10. I think they should start giving people that are on tier 9.5 there package to reduce the wait time for everyone else
  11. I agree with master on that 
  12. Great I made a new page so I'm pointing at nothing
  13. Well looks like a just wasted a month doing reckonings. Even though all the other 'crowns' are trinkets... That's just some bull, devs.
  14. I am so glad I am not a Dev ,they are going to need a separate server just for complains on giveaways :)
    Here is the first one pls run the new EB longer so that all of us get a chance to use our skulls ,pretty please :)
    Thx for promo !
  15. This was an amazing event devs thanks a lot
  16. I want my rewards now jk i can wait :)
  17. TOD is way longer and harder devs  u gave everyone a skull and made the eb too hard and long for everyone to use it ? Wow…hats off to kaw
  18. Please keep the quetzal ebs because there are still a lot of people who still have not used all of their skulls yet. Or at least extend tree of death only for at least a week.
  19. We all know that it is final,why not lays end this event right here,right now and enjoy all the rewards
  20. Devs increase the drops it's inly a few hours left
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.