The Great Quetzal Hunt (Final EB Out Now!)

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by [ATA]Grant, Mar 19, 2014.

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  1. @Pingy

    Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa NO
  2. Not gonna lie devs, this scout bar sucks
  3. There isn't enough time for most players to use their skulls...even in a fast clan...
  4. Sorry if this question already been answered is this new eb going to still be available after this event has finished?
  5. Wait do we know if the quetzal EBs will stay after the event?
  6. oh wow lol so many of the same question.
  7. What if we use the skull unintentionally during war?
  8. no

    No the EBs will not be available after the event is over, common sense ppl
  9. Too bad because it pays better per hit up to smoke and easier to hit as well
  10. Quetzal Skulls are both a pot item and an EB item.

    You can choose where you want to use them, and they'll likely be some remaining after the hunt ends.
  11. Thanks to the winners the feather count still sucks!!! Thanks a lot 500 feather for 10 hrs on the new eb. Really. Reck pays 400 for 30 min. This is bs.
  12. Will you still be able to do newest EB after feather event is over.
  13. Imo devs should keep the eb, but not let them drop anymore. That way everyone can use their skull..
  14. Lets finish this devs, its too long eventツ
  15. I agree banana, most people aren't going to be able to use a skull unless they're an admin in a big EB clan.
  16. Willing to bet they keep eb it will be a free version of hte even though it pays 3x better overall. You would have to run hte or jungle warfare to get skull and they may reduce drop rate (not sure what % it drops now). I may be wrong I might not be just my opinion.
  17. reck is still the best despite all these new ebs designed for feathers, kinda annoying actually
  18. We've heard your feedback about Quetzal Skulls being used in battle and have changed them up. Until the end of the event they'll stop functioning as regular potions and instead only be useful during the EB item bar phase. After the event is over they'll return to being potions.

    (If you use a Quetzal Skull as a potion during battle it will disappear from your inventory, but will be restored upon relaunching the game)
  19. [​IMG]

    Real life footage of "the tree of death" on tape!
  20. Yeah devs can you keep the eb's out a little after event is over so everyone can use their skulls if they so choose? Maybe when feathers stop dropping add some aqua inferno drops. Just a suggestion.
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