The great Dilemma

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  1. So I had a great dilemma.

    Switched my phone on and saw Clash Royale and KAW.
    Which shall I pick said my conscience........

    I picked Clash Royale. The game is nice, gives us freebies, isn't completely pay 2 win, doesnt have repetitive events..........
    No Brainer.

    Then after having a good time I thought I would post this and tell ATA......

    FIX UP!!!!!

    KAW is going from 100 to 0 real quick and you devs still money grabbing like theres no tomorrow.........
    If instead , you focus on customer satisfaction then you will automatically generate your revenues!

    Soon, your greed will drive you to implement more cash grab events and then once the game declines........YOU WILL SHUT THE GAME!
    All the hardwork and money spent from players down the drain......

    So please do something better and New so I don't have to switchh to Clash Royale!!!!!


    "trolls gonna troll
    im gonna rock and roll"
  2. Support

    For clash royale, its a great game.
  3. Clash royale is awesome
  4. Isn't Clash Royale a spin off of Clash of Clans?
    I'm going to give it a play.

    Yeah yeah, we all know how kaw is. Devs don't care, their more focused on milking this cash cow. The whole "Focus on customer satisfaction" thing has been brought up before, i don't think the devs play this game as much as your average kaw'er does. They probably don't understand their game the way we do.
  5. I suppose people like you wouldn't understand how marketing works. The mass of KaW supports events, and if you didn't, why does practically everyone participate in them? It's just some people in forums who dislike it and gather the support of band wagoners. It's bro hard to comprehend simple math.

    I'll estimate about 80% of KaW is okay with events.

    Meaning roughly 20% don't like them, and still about 15% of them participate and spend money on the events.

    Doing the math(those are rough estimates from my personal understanding and gathering) it would be better for them money wise if they made MORE events. Be glad that they slightly listen to the smaller percentage of KaW that doesn't like events.
  6. Support op.
    I pretty much find it the opposite way round snoopy and not just from forumers but from every1 i talk to, it's 60-80% against events. Also there are all those i've known who've quit kaw straight up due to the addition of events or have lessened their spending, reduced their participation in system war/osw, made eq ebs obsolete for them & given them reason to spend less time playing kaw overall. 2011 was kaw's peak and it only seen a steady decline since.
  7. I'm playing Clash Royale also. I also frequent their forums. Do you know how many threads I have read on Royales general topics about Royale being a money grab? About how the developers made the game for the players that will pay to play, pay to win, blah, blah, blah. And how many posters have been saying Kaw is going down and for how long? I guess if those players keep saying it, they'll eventually be right. It's about as accurate as saying that I am going to die..within the next 150 years.
  8. In mostly all the other war games, events are a big part of how people grow and get special stuff, as is becoming in KaW. The new players mostly are okay with it because they are used to it. The problem is when we can't learn to adapt to the fact that changes like this is necessary for the betterment and prolonging of KaW.

    I still hold on to the idea that Chunky Wars will probably be released as a second to KaW once KaW declines so much it can't be fixed. So another two years I would guess.
  9. I love events, play like normal and get some free gold at the end? Yes please!