The Great Bone Hunt: Absolution of Souls

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by [ATA]Grant, Oct 31, 2014.

  1. Lets play: Spot the crybaby
  2. KaW is basically the only hobby I have that takes any money and compared to what Lb players spend daily it's nothing :lol:
  3. Just because someone spent more doesnt make it any less stupid ;)

    For example, Just bc adolph wanted to kill more jews than goebbels, it doesn't make goebbels not an idiot
  4. Got my reward still put out that I earned 3x its value for nothing is there a donation fund for my left over 1199 bones?
  5. Another good event. Thanks devs.
  6. Fix? How? Take item from my inventory without consent? Even it is virtual item, better check with your leagal department.
  7. Y'all complain so much that I am always amazed. KaW is made up of more complainers than any other app guaranteed. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  8. I liked my top 100 banner
  9. Banners are fixed now. :) Thanks!
  10. We're giving people the correct items that they worked towards.
  11. No your screwing people over like you always do
  12. Well I worked toward number 1 although I dident get it I still believe it's the correct reward so I demand you give it to me
  13. Is there gonna be a winner (over 200 limbs) that gets same as top ten??
  14. True, and we also expect the correct rewards at the first place, converting your mistake to our disappointment is not very welcomed.
  15. Sword so much better than diamond sword
  16. Big well done to every with this event :p

    Hope you all got the goal you wanted 
  17. @kaw_community, fixing this problem then means you need to stepback and fix the s4 reward mishap you had. Holding double standards as a company isnt a very good bussiness etiquette. Reward top 100 extra if need be as you have in the past. You are changing how you handle YOUR mistake there in changing expectations you are held to as a company. Allow the ones you messed up to keep their banner as you allowed the s4 mix up to be ignored, it is only fair. Or are the people spending hundreds in 2 weeks not as valued of a customer as those spending 5$ a day? You still made your money, but are holding a double standard punishing the people in the event you rewarded with extra while rewarding the s4 mishap. Where is the rhyme or reason to how you act? Is there 0 consistency? Is your company having so much issues with holding the same rules and standards that this type of thing is an "as you feel that day" situation?
  18. Still waiting on my equipment
  19. I know I did not earn it but it was cruel of you to give me and then rip that banner away from me. It is a small thing but you as a company need to learn about dealing with your customers in a better manner.
  20. will I get my stuff today also great event only got skeletal shiv but its cool thanks kaw