the gratest player who eber live. a poll.

Discussion in 'Other KaW Discussion' started by saltyfeet, Mar 7, 2019.

  1. Twicc 3k one else can match his .......whatever
  2. Why is your grammar so bad?
  3. Laisser, best players ever
  4. Chester the fuhrerious
  5. This is leanin heabily towards salty aka goat.
  6. Ill send my vote to Manbearpig5. Wutta legend.
  7. Twicc name has been mentioned the most. Thats a win
  8. Sure it is a win.. Besides you, saltyfeet, Pusang and some others who were absolutely not sarcastic (ROLF) Twicc the megalomaniac 3K gold wins it all... 
  9. These poor sap has neber sin 3k in his life. Thats y he impresed.
  10. [ATA]Grant is course
  11. Silph and Takuni been grinding on that LB since Chongo was on top
  12. Well, there are many that i could mention. Some friends and even some (ex-) enemies.

    Twicc for sure was quite a legendary player.
    But to stay with active players id like to mention ajax.
    He is really a cyco never backing down on noone as it seems to me. A very experienced fighter who dont hesitates to even go single against whole war-clan families.
    Im not involved in details but i think he is a very good example of people who play kaw really war-style. I like that.
  13. Harbinger of wrath
  14. VaIkyl_ is de grates player to ever life
  15. While I respect Ajax’ tenacity and his hilarious WC rage, he honestly just attacks everyone like a blind dog in a meat locker. He’s just super active and a bigger spender than most.