the gratest player who eber live. a poll.

Discussion in 'Other KaW Discussion' started by saltyfeet, Mar 7, 2019.

  1. saltyfeet
  2. Hairylemon was a legend.
  3. Honestly support swabia
  4. O come on guys. U no ful wel swabia is not on my lebol. Twic might be but hes a busy guy so y not gibing the distinction to me? Uh?
  5. I would have to vote for Chongo Hombre. Not only did he control every aspect of the lb at his tome but he was a kind player that carried himself with a high level class that was and still is very hard to see with players.
  6. Grammar problems have spragga
  7. Do everybody a favour and take your weird Twicc obsession somewhere else, it’s getting kinda creepy
  8. We all have our idols and hero's.Mine used to be CrAcKeRsMaTT
  9. Princess22

    Won't hear otherwise
  10. Ok lemme get these clir

    Erick northman
    Lovely denial
    Or guys jugglin chainsaws
    Do not count
    I ripeat, do not count.

    The purpose of these thred is to come up with the best worrior ol around. That worrior who bits the ods and estep on the remains of his adversaris. Like saltyfeet.

    Im not tokin about trols, atention seekers or otherwise non consecuential players.

    I hop im absolutly clir
  11. Excuse me, are you suggesting that people who juggle running chainsaws are not true warriors?
  12. No. One must have SS tags to be a warrior. Mein kampf
  13. -SS-iJuggleChainsaws-SS-

    The truest future warrior of our age.
  14. Well Leo is the best war commander, tracker, and war / mech innovator kaw has seen imo....but I now have to vote for Vbot 
  15. SkinnyMinny/Alison best of the best
  16. Vbot won the tie breaker over Leo with what was the best forum post ever also....

    “My PayPal account says otherwise.” Lolol...not fake news....The throne, crown, and septer goes to Vbot
  17. I can see yafis butthurt spils ober to unrelated threds
  18. I vote donrico
  19. It’s entirely on point for this thread. Go get some of pusang butthurt ointment....he bought so much for his current outbreak he is offering to give some of his stash away.