the gratest player who eber live. a poll.

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  1. I propos the firless saltyfeet.

    Think about it. Hes farmt eb clans, osw clans, hell, he eben farmt the short bus clan. Hes farmt “worriors”, atention seekers, clowns, lames,random chumps, but olso “rispectable” players. Jisus christ he eben farms wc on a daili basis.

    Salty especialises in farmin bullyes into submision. Wow. What a grate champ.

    For ur consideration.

    Let the votin begin!
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  2. I watched a guy juggle chainsaws once, he seemed pretty great. He must have been a player of *something* and thus qualifies
  3. I watched a man destroy the best players around. I don’t mean DTW, I mean destroy. Their kingdoms no longer existed. They had 0 stats. He ENDED them. The only way of avoiding destruction is to pray to him on his wall.

    He gets my vote.

    His name is Spragga.
  4. I gues i shud habe cold these thred “the best farmer eber” cuz u guys luk confused.
    U mention roni, a chainsaw juggler, an spragga. Wth?
  5. The greatest player at tapping a repeat action button, let's go
  7. I vote for spagga, because he doesn't have grammar problems XD
  8. Riieding dis gabe me Kansur..
  10. TWICC -the greatest
  11. The big Spragg Spragg man de best playur ever live
  12. Twicc the greatest player player the true yafi killah. Prove me wrong suckah
  13. Twicc got tricked into losing $3000 and then rage quit. Have I proved you wrong?
  14. Swabia and hq tied
  15. Fake story
  16.  I didnt know fake news existed in kaw