The good ol' Type Your Name Game!

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  1. See, the goal of this game is to see how well you know your name.
    So, you're going to try to type your name in various positions to see how well you know your name (cause yeah, that obviously makes sense...)

    1. Eyes closed
    2. Elbow
    3. Chin
    4. (optional if you have a gross screen) tongue
    5. Heel
    6. Anything else you can think of (to all the guys, yes, that does mean what you think it means.)

    Oh, no backspace!
    heres mine:
    2. -dwsdjt-
    4. -deazxadky-
    6. (you know what it is) -deadly-

    Your turn, go!
  2. Shinypennyyay (eyes closed)

    (holy crap I did it!)
  3. Keep it in one post so the overlords dont get mad at us! :s
  4. -vsbi_vici_cjdi-
    Bhgkozx kvhk

    Surprisingly good with the last one 
  5. Phoenix
    Eyes closed.
    I'm just that good.
  6. Aw. I'm claiming two posts. The first was my elbow, now eyes closed

    Brememnn (i suck lol)
  7. Chin=alga mm-'b C. C ccbcf
  8. Eyes closed=ALG-llama-ALH
  9. 1. N8n8 (couldnt get underscores haha)
    2. _n
  10. 1) SchizopjenicPengjin
    2) scho x p phenocPrmgjon (Well then..)
    3) Sxguzi0hsnuvOwbghjn (This may have been the hardest)
    4) Wchizo0henicPenguun
    5) schhizop j e MN I vapenyuij Close enough.
    6) SchizophenicPenguin

    Well this was fun.
  11. What? My whole post didnt come out?
  12. JHO-DadkHVDN433-JHO

    (eyes closed)
  13. You probably hit an ampersand n8.
  14. Assaro
    Azzaro (Knuckles)
  15. #1 PtinxrssBaaaxob
    #2 peinceaavaxon
    #3 Pen xzdbsxkn
    #4 princessbacon
    #5 oeijvsaabaslb
    #6 princessbacon (used my tongue again ;) pretty good with it) lmfao. I giggled threw this whole thing.
  16. Eyes closed misrelt
  17. 1. Sledgehammer
    2. Dlrfjejsdnmr (like a boss)
    3. Clthvgjdnnfsr
    4. Aledgehakner
    5. Sordtrhsjher