The Future of Wars Discussion (Developers Must Read)

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  1. Wars

    In the past recent years the war participation in Kingdoms at Wars has steadily being declining. For those who do not know or have experience, wars are the PvP event style of this game. Wars are fun in full extent, players get to collaborate with one another to defeat the other clan.

    Wars (Gone Wrong)

    Wars have been changing for a long time, but it can be seen that wars have completely changed compared from Season 4 to Season 5. Season 4 was full of different builds, but matches seemed to be more balanced than now.

    Wars were not seen that much with:
    1: Inactives.
    2: PS being stripped/plundered.
    3: Alts/Moles intentionally throwing war.
    4: Non xtallers.
    5: No WC/tracker.
    6: Noobs arguing/clogging CC with nonsense.
    7: Rogue/late xtallers who get eaten alone.
    8: Not enough ppl following strat.
    9: Noobs who come up though they are not forced up before war ends when you have lead.
    10: Other
    (List taken from "Favorite Ways to Loose EE Wars")

    Nowadays this seems more common in every war.

    Roster Stocking:
    A big issue with Season 4 was the roster stocking that clans were performing. Which led to developers making Season 5 an all Indy War which is great, but not really. Clans cannot stock up builds great, but what does this change when match-ups are not even fixed?

    Season 4 vs Season 5

    Season 4:
    Season 4 was not easy at all if you were doing only Indy Wars, but you had a chance of receiving at the bare minimum 50 Medallions even with continually loosing. (Developers listened at least to player input and fixed some of the issues).

    Season 5:
    It seems harder to get 10 Planar Medallions in this season, than in previous seasons. With the continually mismatches and the problems presented in the list above. (Developers have not responded to at least 1 player comment that was serious when it came to Season 5).

    Best Build for Wars

    There seems to be a constant with every Season, that is SH dominating the leader boards. Will bring this question into this topic, what build is better for wars? Have considered going SH to win wars, but what is your input.

    Season 6

    At the rate that wars are going, the question is will there be a Season 6?
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    Now on topic. I love when these threads get made and people whine about all the different things. My favorite is not using xtals. I refuse to buy or use xtals on war. Nothing says any person has to use an xtal. It's purely by choice. The last 2 wars I've done. I have done better then 60% of the clan without using an xtal. So maybe we should take xtals out of the wars and have it where you can stop whining about it then.
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