The Full KaW Warring Guide

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  1. The Full KaW Warring Guide

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    Hello and Welcome to The Full KaW Warring Guide! This is a guide for clan leaders and veterans, or even the new player that joined last week. I'll do my best to explain some tactics and actions to take. Hope you enjoy, Dillybar.

    PS: If you see "Dirty Tactic" before something these are not tactics acceptable for your average friendly war.


    Table of Contents

    1. War Slang
    2. Types of War
    3. Preparing for War
    4. Individual War Strategies
    5. Clan War Strategies
    6. Clan Unison
    6. Utilizing Resources
    7. Tips and Advice
    8. War Builds
    9. Places to Look
    10. Conclusion


    War Slang

    Slang is commonly used in war as you are often in a hurry and need to get things out quickly. The following are some common war terms.

    Pin- To make someone "Too weak"

    Sit- To keep someone "Too Weak"

    DTW- Defender Too Weak

    Regen- To get more troops

    Full- To have full troops

    Xstal- Using a crystal from the oracle.

    Scout Bomb- To scout someone a lot

    Assa- To assassinate someone

    Plunder- The amount of gold you make from an attack/war

    Tax- The amount of gold taken away in war

    Strip- "Dirty Tactic"- To hire someone's allies and take gold

    Pots- Battle items from The Marketplace.

    NP- Not Pinned

    P- Pinned or pots

    F- Full

    PS- Pure Spy

    OSF- Open Secret Farm

    Lurk- Being in a chat without talking

    Mercs- "Dirty Tactic"- Players brought in from outside a clan to war.

    Next are some common war phrases. The phrases may be confusing, but they're used often and as such are "need to know" info.

    12/48- If you see two large 2 digit numbers side by side it's usually how many troops you have out of your max troops. To double check this, the second number is always larger then the first.

    "Enemy's name" 3/4 10p- If you see a name followed by 2 one digit numbers (usually) it will be how many successful attacks you made out of how many attacks you finished on that person. The number beside that will often be how many pots they have.

    Everyone Xstal!- If you hear someone say "everyone Xstal" it means to use a crystal. You do this to jump ahead to a big lead suddenly.


    Types of War

    There are 3 common types of war. These wars have specific rules and such in them. These types of war are not run by the war system, they are run by the clans participating in the war.

    Friendly War

    Friendly Wars are meant to be fun for all members of the clan. The rules here are strict, and you need to follow them or you risk being kicked from your clan. Some common Friendly War rules are:

    - No Trash Talking
    - No Stripping
    - No Mercs
    - No WC Targeting
    - No Crystals (Sometimes)
    - No Pure Spies (Sometimes)

    Hostile Wars

    Hostile Wars are often used to settle disputes between people or clans. There are no rules in Hostile Wars and they often go on for weeks. These are by far the most grueling wars and you don't want to be caught in one unprepared.

    Plunder Wars

    Plunder Wars are a great way to make money. Basically, One clan has pure spies (usually around 5) and the other clan attacks them. These wars are rather boring and leave a negative mark in your war history but are good for money. There are very few rules for these wars but here they are:

    - No spying the OSFs
    - No opening them on WC
    - No inviting friends (Sometimes)


    Preparing for War

    There's a small checklist of things that you should always have before a war. If you are missing 3 or more of the items from the list maybe you should reconsider joining the war.

    ☑ At least 100 of all defense, attack, spy attack, and spy defense pots. (250 for a hostile war)

    ☑ Max Plunder

    ☑ An appropriate warring build

    ☑ 6 Health Crystals (optional)

    ☑ Time to be active (delay your dinner date to next week, maybe call in sick)

    Also, before you join a war you want to make sure you have a couple things done first:

    ☑ 0 gold out

    ☑ Full troops

    If you have all of the above, you have a high chance of doing well and an ok chance of being a top raiser.


    Individual War Strategies

    How you act as an individual in a war will effect your team and, if you're in a close war, could make you win or lose a war.

    Using Your Troops


    Self-Pinning is the most commonly used strategy for warring in KaW. To Self-Pin, you simply have to keep your troops below 20%. To find out what that is, use a calculator and multiply your max troops by 0.20. Whatever the answer is will be how low you need to keep your troops to self-pin.

    If you self pin in a war, you are unable to be attacked and stolen from. However, it is tough for you to win attacks and you may have difficulties pinning people.

    High Troops

    To use the High Troops Strategy, you simply attack an enemy twice, regenerate, attack twice, regenerate etc. This strategy also works well outside of war.

    The High Troops Strategy is not a commonly used one, as it exposes you to attacks and spies. However, it will give you high win percentages in both defense and attack.

    If you are using the High Troops Strategy, it would be smart to have a turtle build. View the War Builds section for more information.


    - Whatever build you have Always keep little or no gold out to prevent you from being stolen from (or attacked if you're a pure spy).

    - Make sure you are attacking for the good of the team (Attacking either an active person or someone who gives you good money)


    I cannot stress how important it is to listen to your clan admins, owners, and squad leaders (If there are squad leaders)! If you do nothing else, make sure you listen!!!


    Clan War Strategies

    Clan War Strategies are very important in war and choosing what strategy to use will just about always win or lose you the war. I have a cache of war strategies at my disposal, and I'll reveal a few of them to you. These are all quality strategies that could help you win the war.

    Holding Back

    This tactic is a simple one, you basically have a few people in the war at the very start (10 max) and leave them in there for the first 5 min. After that, have all of your active members and join. The purpose of this is to weaken the enemy and to divert their troops away from you.

    No Stats

    "Dirty Tactic"- To use the No Stats strategy you simply have 1 member join the war. That 1 member will have a large hire price, 0/0/0/0 stats, and no gold. This prevents this person from being attacked, or spied upon. Have only that 1 member active the whole war until the last 7 minutes where everyone in your clan joins and self pins on your enemy. This will almost surely win you the war.

    Pure Spies Only

    "Dirty Tactic"- To use the Pure Spies Only tactic you simply just have pure spies in the war. They can steal and as long as they bank and you hit the last gold out of them they're making free plunder.

    Drop Volleying

    "Dirty Tactic"- Drop volleying is a strategy that is meant to free up money and allow hits on a pure spy. To drop volley, you simply hire them and drop them, then hire them again. Drop the to a price below 1m and enjoy your free attacks :) .


    Clan Unison

    In order to be successful in war, your clan needs to know how to work together. If you don't do that, you'll be uncoordinated and unable to pin anyone. 

    Working as a Group 

    You need to work as a group during a war. Here are a couple of simple ways to work together.


    If you make squads, you need everyone in your clan to be active most of the time. I recommend no more then 5 squads and each one should have 2 Leaders. These leaders will be responsible for either getting targets from the clan owner or making their own targets.

    Clan as a Whole

    If you choose to keep the clan as a whole, you need to understand that you'll be a little less effective at pinning mass amounts of targets but you will pin targets very quickly. To do this you simply need 1 or 2 people to select targets who will then call them out in clan chat.

    Choosing Targets

    You need to be able to choose targets smartly. It is a good idea to target either an active person or an inactive person who gives good cash. When you pick targets I recommend picking at least 6. Of these 6 targets, 2 of them should be low-level, 2 should be mediocre sized, and 2 should be of a high-level. Call them out in Clan Chat as:

    Small Targets: _____, _____
    Medium Targets: _____, ______
    Large Targets: ______, _____
    Report your hits back here.

    If you do this you should be giving quality targets to all.


    Utilizing Resources

    Health Crystals

    You should use your crystals sparingly as you're only allowed 3 crystals every 24 hours in a war. There are really only 4 situations where you should be using a crystal:

    1. You are pinning an active target.
    2. You are winning just about all of your attacks on someone:
    3. One of the enemies has left money out and can be stolen or attacked.
    4. It is near the end of the war or the 24 hour mark.

    If you do end up using a crystal I'd also recommend doing the following:

    1. Let your clan mates know that you're crystaling.

    2. Ask for an active target to dump your troops on before crystaling.

    3. Make sure that no one is actively attacking you (You don't want to crystal just to lose your troops to the enemy right away.)


    You can use nobility to regenerate your troops, however, they count towards your daily three crystals. Most people use their nobility points in war for "Dirty Tactic"- Stripping money. This will help free up enemy money. 


    Tips and Advice

    There are a few things that you should always do in a war that will help you excel:

    ☑ Keep Max Plunder

    ☑ Hit the targets from clan chat

    ☑ Bank your gold in pots

    ☑ Report your hits on CC

    ☑ If someone's hitting you, tell your clan

    ☑ Have Fun!!!


    War Builds

    There are several kinds of war builds, each having it's own strengths and weaknesses. Here are 3 of the main builds: 

    Turtle Build

    A Turtle Build is any build with high defense. These builds give up very little plunder, however, they're tough to gain plunder with. A common turtle build is: 
    12 defense towers, 10 spy defense towers, 1 guild, and 1 Tier 3 Building.

    Pure Spy/Hansel Build

    A Pure Spy build is a build with 24 Guilds, while a Hansel build is a build with 23 Guilds and 1 Tier 3 Building. A pure spy cannot be attacked with no money out, however generates low plunder. A Hansel build gives high plunder but it is very unlikely to win with in an attack. Also, a Hansel Build is unattackable by others unless they are a Hansel build (or close to) as well.


    Places to Look

    Feel free to check these other guides and threads out:

    My Other Guides:






    AwesomeSauceGuides Inc.


    Related Guides

    Benny's Clan Guide

    Blumpy's Spy Guide



    This ends the Full KaW Warring Guide. I hope it has helped and will assist you in this game. I'd also like to give thanks to the following:

    - Conclave of Shadows, my clan. Without these guys this wouldn't have been possible.

    - AwesomeSauce Guides Inc. My guide company who helped me edit.
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