The Forever Forgotten feedback

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by *-Smallz- (01), Jul 7, 2010.

  1. If ur computers not working u can use cloud browse
  2. Ahh good idea. I'll try that
  3. Nvm. I asked the devs and they very nicely deleted. Thanks devs 
  4. It's up. Sorry it took so long. I know you might have lost interest.
  5. The End???

  6. U figured me out hightidez
  7. U gonna make another story go the sieres becuase it seems like u are
  8. I just might. (Damn you smart ones)
  9. I smarticles
  10. WOOT. First double post!!
  11. I liked that one part
  12. Small, find me on pal. Wanna run my story by you before posting
  13. Woah what happened? I had 30 more forum posts then I do now
  14. Pants on da ground pants on da ground lookin like a foool with your pants on the ground (repeat 300x) and earn a cookie
  15. Cool small 