The Forever Forgotten feedback

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  1.  be nice to amber lol 
  2. Damn. Accidently sent!!! Don't read
  3. Well there is a sneak peak of Chapter Eleven
  4. Oh good.. Hope this is when my new character comes in!! WTF ... Still can't believe Codemaster is dead!!! A tragedy I say!
  5. Agent I got a new character for you
  6. Good thing I didn't submit that late
  7. Lol,, awesome story either way.. I usually don't read these in game stories :p
  8. No sir thank you
  9. Chapter 11 not out tonight!! Maybe tomorrow!![/blue]
  10. Ohhhh shít. I messed up color lmao
  11. When you gonna finish the story?
  12. Finish story don't fell bad just go for it!!
  13. Ahhh damn I forgot. Sorry comp not working and I gotta delete that chapter