The Forever Forgotten feedback

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  1. This is feedback page for my new story the forever forgotten. Plz do not post any comments on actual story. Just post em here
  2. Story will be up soon
  3. Prologue and Chapter One up
  4. Awesome so far
  5. Cool start :).... Especially that awesome dude Codemaster!
  6. I always foget it
  7. I like it! :)
  8. Prologue short and I forgot something about Alex in Chapter One but I think I'll add it in later
  9. But uh Chapter 2 is here
  10. Rofl! Bastion dies asap.

    My character is the main! Oh yeah
  11. Yeah crim. And uh sorry about all spelling mistakes. I wanted to get it out fast
  12. I never said bastion died lol. Just that he wouldn't be in Rome lmao
  13. Awesome story
  14. Thx high. Ur one of the main characters. Not as main as Alex. But Riann is up there 
  15. It beats being bastion. I mean he's dead
  16. Or not in Rome!!! That's it lol
  17. Ok gotta eat. Chapter 3 will be up soon