The first rule about getting silenced

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  1. is you do not talk about getting silenced :roll:

    Let hear the dumb things you have been silenced for, or are the mods scared they will be found out for so many unjust silences :lol: :?:
  2. What happened to the other thread you made? I don’t see it anywhere. Did they actually delete the whole thing?

    As for the OP, a mod silenced me for “spamming World Chat” at 2:30am-2:35am. I posted a few messages of things I was selling, the 3rd post I did was at the 5 minute mark. I still was silenced. Apparently 3 or more messages goes within 5 minutes goes beyond the 5 minute mark. :lol:

    I don’t care, it was only for a day. So, not too terrible of a loss. I’m definitely not complaining about the silence. :p The next day, I sold over 1b worth of furniture. So gain for me. :)
  3. Silenced for posting “.” In world chat
  4. 30 days for spam (sung a song)
  5. I was silenced for telling a mod that they hug their dad
  6. Pretty much the way, KYQueen! When a player is silenced, the best way is to just accept the silence and let it be. Unless it is really an unjust and unfair silence, or a silence that sparks reasonable doubt!

    Btw, thanks for posting on this thread. I learn something new so that I know what to do if I ever get silenced!
  7. My personal favorite, was being silinced for saying "Attention players of Kaw" "Do not blame the devs, as they were dropped on their heads and were force fed lead paint chips as babies"
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