The final year of KaW

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  1. If anything now kaw is just twitching post mortem the same way a fly does after it's been squashed. Let's see how long it can contort itself before it ceases entirely
  2. It's just existing
  3. Dude you suck you started KAWing after it was already dead know nothing (KAW or RL) Only thing you know about is scrubbing toilets and by your own admission your good at it lol 🎩
  4. lmao just listen to yourself, you're an absolute weirdo man
  5. No loser the time you were toilet trained and stopped wearing diapers (about 4 years ago) most true players were gone ....void filled by losers such as yourself 🎩
  6. Now that you're toilet trained (finally) clean toilets (like your dad) ...ironic 🎩
  7. looool ur obsessed bro
  8. 🦪👈 I'm obsessed with eating these
  9. how to recover my acc. if i log in my gmail account and password small cs or this account instead of big account?
  10. create a ticket with devs support bruh
  11. There was once a time when the "New Posts" section of forums would have an multiple pages of posts from the past 24 hours.

    Now, there are a total of 3 (more like 2 if you disclude bumped posts such as this) for the past MONTH. It's even to the point where WC has 30 minutes of chat history at night.

    KAW needs a complete overhaul, in terms of UI, gameplay, features, and structure, if it's going to remain a viable business model in the 2020's (even 2021. In terms of activity, KAW is looking a lot like Future Combat did before it was shut down).
  12. 5 years ago. Still going strong lol.
  14. Most don't use forums not for lack of interest. Its that we much prefer the old forums. Was much easier to navigate and participate in.
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  15. Old forums were much better I agree.
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