The final year of KaW

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  1. 10 seals
  2. And your first born child
  3. Which one? My baby momma gave birth to like 5 kids at once..
  4. Then all of them... obviously :roll:
  5. #ProtestWar

    Declare war on ATA
  6. #ProtestWar

    Declare war on ATA and noob eb clans.

    War clans stop spending.

    Osw clans make your peace together and declare temporary truce.

    Hit and strip eb clans hard, they won't enjoy it, will cut lots of the cash flow coming to ATA

    Maybe then they would listen to osw players more 

    Hard to establish tho, because war clans are now full of noobs too 
  7. Agree with Swabia. Game seems dead. I haven't spent $ on the game in about a year. And I'm happier for it.
  8. I remember the wars. I used to legitimately not sleep because I was a GH and needed to cast for a 2, even 3AM war.

    The equipment made it worth it.

    The equipment was a great thing to come into play, because it was the BEST equipment out to date, and because of that, everyone was warring to get it.

    Wars were fun, things were different and fantastic because they were fun.

    Now, you see millions of mcs in BFE from EVENTS.
    Now, you see trash like NK and 4bmcs.

    What's the point? What's the continuous grind for anymore?

    I've spent hundreds of hours warring. I've warred since season 1 from an older account even. It's just not the same anymore, and that really sucks.

    ||||~ TL;DR: KaW is trash. Spend your money elsewhere.
  9. War clans to not spend won't do anything. Tell clans like vampy's retreat, etc., to not spend. They'll listen.

    But - players want their builds, want their virtual gold, so that won't do anything. About it.
  10. I left law for a break two years ago and people were saying it's dying. I came back the other day, and it's still up and running. Sure the community is shrinking and sure the epic battles are getting more and more ridiculous, however, if there is one thing the devs are good at is keeping keeping this keeping this game running.
  11. Haha what a story mark
  12. What? I did 45t in ug in 2 days from building token rewards....
  13. I agree. Went through the graveyard that is my friends list on here and maybe a handful of accounts are still active. Used to be id log in to a dozen messages, some incoming and a strip in ca.
  14. Swabia, you are a KaW legend. You speak the truth. However, since all stats are "meaningless" as the cap continues to increase, the farming community has a fighting chance. Its time to ressurect the oldschoolers and terrorize everyone.
  15. all I gotta say is things sure have changed over the years :? just depends on if the community will wanna put up with it anymore.
  16. It will never be the same as it was

    RIP Kaw 2009-2012
  17. I agree with Swabia (can I get my castle code now)

    KaW is just FarmVille with castles now.
  18. Still kicking lol
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  19. I luv u bb, congrats