The final year of KaW

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  1. Dont know what clan chats you've been in. Mines active.
  2. Just long enough to get that next badge, seeing as its 6 years now
  3. Talking to your 20 alts doesn't count as active cc

  4. Nice BFA ๎€Ž
    Awesome showcase as well.
  5. **** you a thinking ape, congratulations on killing KaW. ******* retarded cunts.

    Have a nice **** SUCKING day.
  6. As long as I get a refund from ata or google play when it dies I don't honestly care. Flood the system with new alts daily
  7. i agree
  8. Im contantly helping newer players lol sometimtes a few a day lol though i cant be on WC 24/7 so i miss alot lol
  9. think 3 min is dead lel shoulda seen them years ago lol shoulda saw GAW n FC ones befpore DEVS ABOONDED US cuz they were to damn lazy to update, and yes thats why they lost the players not that game was bad just ignored it as what devs are doing here again..
  10. Lol did they even provide refunds for GaW and FC Learderboarders?
  11. A refund, that's hilarious. You must not realize how stupidly expensive it would be to refund every purchase in kaw, it won't happen.
  13. I am not permitted to sell false upgrades anymore.

    I was considering selling 120 slot clans though. I think I can actually sell those.
  14. Osw was the fun part that kept me on this game for hours through the night. Clans used to use open spies ( I forgot what this was called) and later run pwars so we could prep for osw. Sometimes interference with the open spy would cause a war. Then we'd go back to prepping with little lost (even those that got stripped could make a comeback). Also, medium builds could actively participate in wars and do damage whether it was burning pots or troops, and could participate in strips (during the big wars, I was a medium build and had a lot of fun running interference so the bigger guns could prep for strips - I could still hit the maxed out players).

    Then at some point growing exploded (most likely because bigger players had to be allowed to get even bigger to stay interested). Engaging in osw became too costly because we would fall so far behind we couldn't catch back up, which would seriously hurt us if we had to war with a clan who was growing at the time we were warring. So the focus switched from prepping for war to growing to keep up. Eventually people didn't want to war at all, and osw, if it started, quickly petered out without much of a fight or an ending. Even during a war many players would still focus on growth rather than war.

    Also, unless you were very active, a player couldn't keep up - which killed the usefulness of more casual players (the former medium builds) who could no longer do any damage to the larger players.

    The most fun I had on this game was ProTake vs. CR, Voodoo, WoG, Outlawz (and a couple of other clans and their subs - I sincerely apologize if I forgot your clan, its been a while). It was a great and epic war and filled the forums at the time, and I had a great time with my clan - cc was hopping at all times. But now there is little interest in such a long term drawn out conflict whose point was to win rather than grow.

    KaW will always have a place in my heart, and I miss my old clanmates, but it was osw that kept everything together and excited me to play. That is what made KaW great, and I don't know how to get back there.

  15. Yea this is what happens when a game is created to be a business and have no endgame
  16. Like Microsoft?
  17. Darn it! Threads like this hurts me everytime... KaW is not like the old KaW anymore but.. but we can't do anything it's all the devs call๎‘
  18. I'm just looking to see what is needed to start netherking ?